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Mask vs. Mask Almost Didn’t Happen, News on Cena vs. Del Rio at Vengeance, Mysterio

– Rey Mysterio will be appearing at the Houston Autorama on November 25th in Houston, Texas from 2pm until 4pm.

– WWE is billing the Last Man Standing match between John Cena and WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio at Vengeance as Cena’s last chance at Del Rio and the title.

– After announcing the Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara Mask vs. Mask match for this week’s SmackDown on Saturday, there was a big push within WWE not to tape the match on Sunday at the SmackDown tapings due to second guessing. The match ended up happening and will air on this Friday’s SmackDown.

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  • venom

    I hope Del Rio retains. Because I think his next feud will be against CM Punk.

  • aircon

    can someone say something about the miz on here cause hes awesome!

  • In Grind We Crust

    I WAS RIOTING, BEFORE RIOTING WAS COOL!! no but in all seriousness that shits over and done with. I don’t care if Cena wins.

  • Nicholas G

    If I beat a nickel for every time an internet fan posted a threat about roit and never falling though with it I be a rich man. All IWC fans that makes statement like that you know they will never go though with it.

  • simon07

    The Great One, could be a errr different talent, but surely you could only do that trick once?

  • b c mitchell

    Enough with if Cena wins we riot schtick. It was cool that one time.

  • adam

    If its his last chance at del rios title he will get the win then del rio will win it back and it will keep jumping back and forth between those 2 so cena can keep getting rematches and del rio never has a long run.

  • Dave

    If its just one person, does it count as a riot?

  • The Great One

    if this is cena’s last chance then ill cut my balls off on live tv at Britains got talent next year

  • Whatever

    well, I don’t think that anyone does care about your riot…

  • muh boy

    cena wins i riot