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– A Divas battle royal has been announced for Monday’s three-hour Slammy Awards RAW show.

Divas from both RAW and SmackDown will compete, with the winner of the match picking up the “Diva of the Year” slammy.

  • kpnuttzlol

    I think/hoping Layla will win and it will ignite a slow feud between McCool and Layla.

    Although Im certain McCool will win.

  • The Anti Cena

    Mcool for obvious reasons *cough* taker *cough*

  • George

    @venom you’re an idiot.

  • venom

    I agree with Adam on this one. Good thing Jillian Hall won’t be there. Because she is fat.

  • Adam

    Lame! A Diva’s battle royal is just a complete waste. Natalya should be Diva of the Year because:

    1. She can wrestle.
    2. She is the WWE Diva’s/Immortal’s World Heavyweight Champion.
    3. She’s more impressive and better looking than the majority of Barbie dolls pretending to wrestle. Most of them are Barbies with a few that can wrestle.

    My prediction is Natalya and Melina will be the last two and Natalya wins furthering Melina’s eventual heel turn.

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