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New Match Announced For Night Of Champions, New WWE Movie Receives Bad Review

– announced Sunday afternoon that Randy Orton will face Dolph Ziggler in a singles match next Sunday at Night of Champions.

Following their scuffle on Friday’s SmackDown, an irate Ziggler confronted SmackDown General Manager Booker T’s Senior Advisor Theodore Long to demand a third match with The Viper. Orton pinned Ziggler on the prior week’s show while The Showoff overcame Viper in a re-match on Raw.

Toronto Star has published an unfavorable review of WWE Studios’ No One Lives, which debuted Friday night at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“While parts of it are deliberately campy, the low-budget production veers onto the amateurish and some of the jump cuts make it look like it was edited with a switchblade. Or make that a butter knife,” Tony Wong wrote.

The reviewer wrote that No One Lives should find an audience with WWE fans, or die hard followers of director Ryuhei Kitamura.

– Wade Barrett is featured in today’s “Superstar Spotlight” on Click here to view his photos and videos.

  • Angry Benny

    I really don’t care about how the media pictures wrestling, I don’t, I grew up with wrestling, I’m 32 years old, its the one thing I could look back and see my life as I grow old, no other show has lasted this long, the story telling, the emotion, the rise and fall of superstars, that shock moment, the predictions for winners, the cliffhangers for every week, I wouldn’t trade it for anything, the fact they are expanding into movies is great, but its still awesome to relive your childhood just by watching old clips from the past, If the media won’t recognize wrestling for what it is then too bad, its their loss, best thing on tv yesterday, today and tommorow

  • voise of reason

    @ misfit del rio amen to that but if they have a problem with us wrestling fans they can tell it to our arseholes because its the only thing that gives a shit about their opinion.

  • misfit del rio

    @ Steve… it’s wasn’t grammatical error. They were spelling mistakes, you know from typing to fast on my cellular telephone. I apologize for the mistakes. Happy? The crap you guys look at…

  • Steve

    With grammar like that, I don’t think any wrestling fan wants misfit to represent us.

  • The Sword of Enlightenment

    @misfitdelrio, it’s still REAL to me too DAMMIT! Lol

  • Jeff

    I’ll probably get it illegally like I always do

  • Best In The World

    NOC is looking pretty good, probably gonna order it

  • Jimbotron


    Tell us how you really feel.

  • mike

    orton/ziggler should be very good if given 15-20 minutes with ziggler going over

  • misfit del rio

    @ toronto star from every wrestling fan on earth FUCK YOU. We are not unedeucated, backwood hicks. Were students, doctors, police officers, factory workers, stoners, and every othe creed and color that walk out there. And godamn it, we are the most vocal and loyal fans of any medium of sport and or entertainment. So if you don’t lik what you see, lick our balls and bounce you biased piece of shit.