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Match Considered for SmackDown, Sonnen Not Interested In WWE, NXT

– To determine the World Heavyweight Title SummerSlam match, PWInsider reports that WWE officials were considering a “Beat the Clock” challenge for last night’s SmackDown tapings in Austin, Texas but that did not happen.

– As noted before, the WWE developmental website has been re-done and it appears they have totally dropped the FCW name in favor of NXT. The staff is broken down like this:

* Steve Keirn – President
* Dusty Rhodes – Creative Director
* Bill DeMott – Head Trainer
* Joey Mercury – Trainer
* Norman Smiley – Trainer
* Ricky Steamboat – Trainer
* Terry Taylor – Trainer
* Chris Russo – Broadcaster
* Rob Naylor – Creative Assistant

– UFC fighter Chael Sonnen told the New York Post that he has no interest in working with WWE after reports have said he would be interested in a career there post-UFC. Sonnen said:

“I only watch WWE if Stone Cold Steve Austin is on or if CM Punk is wrestling. Other than that, I have no interest.”

  • chronoxiong

    Whoa, Joey Mercury is a trainer for the company now? I didn’t know that.

  • Sammo

    If Sonnen only watches WWE when CM Punk is wrestling, then he must watch it every week!

    That doesn’t sound to me like someone who has “no interest” in it.