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Match for Monday’s RAW, Drew McIntyre Storyline Update, Henry, Jim Ross

– WWE Superstar Mark Henry will be inducted into the inaugural class of the International Sports Hall of Fame later today. The ceremony will take place at the Arnold Sports Festival.

– Drew McIntyre was finally fired by Teddy Long on last night’s SmackDown, after he lost to Justin Gabriel. McIntyre has been removed from the SmackDown roster page. Speculation is that John Laurinaitis will re-hire McIntyre when he takes control of SmackDown this week.

– Speaking of Teddy Long, he’s booked David Otunga vs. The Great Khali for Monday’s RAW Supershow.

– Jim Ross is headed back to FCW later this month to evaluate the WWE developmental talents.

  • rko

    McIntyre is being wasted. He has one of the best finisher too.

  • Prince

    Well, that’s one match I’ll be fast-forwarding through when I watch Raw.

  • KpNuttzLol

    Is the storyline: Who’s worth being general manager, or who can fill the card up the fastest.

    The creative team are absolutely geniuses. Instead of carefully allocating time to boost talents and put them over, they put dream matches of a General Managers Assistant who wrestle once every few weeks against some monster of off one of the brands. They clearly know how to make a spike in the ratings, they must be getting paid what…2 bananas a week now?

  • Deva

    I didnt think he was being sarcastic.. I like otunga, I like the coffee drinking backstage gimmick, also hes not too bad a wrestler, and is entertaining to me, he cracks me up after he wins and poses.. though what he needs to do is get rid of the white boots

  • me

    i love how you got disagrees because people don’t understand you’re being sarcastic

  • you need to give him some quality time

    Otunga VS Khali!!!!

    Who says there’s no more dream matches???? I question their decision to give it away on free TV tho