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Two Match Spoilers for Survivor Series Pay-Per-View

– Local advertisements for the 2012 WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view tease that the main event will be John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title.

Advertisements also indicate that Ryback and Big Show may be team captains for traditional Survivor Series team elimination matches.

  • no & then!

    @ Sammie

    Didn’t think u would have a response, so do urself a favor, run in front of a bus. U clearly know little about the sport of professional wrestling & the fact that u know anything about it pisses me off!

  • no & then!

    @ Sammo
    Did u read my post? Where did I say punk is a veteran? He’s been in the wwe/world title picture since August of 2008, the wrestlers I mentioned have not been in the title hunt. So do urself a favor… know ur role & shut ur mouth!
    Fucking imbecile!

  • Sammo

    @ no & then!

    John Cena and CM Punk are both several years younger than R-Truth! … And CM Punk is only a couple of years older than both Ziggler and Kofi. He’s hardly a veteran.

  • no & then!

    I agree w/ best in the world! This feud is getting a little old & I’m beginning to wonder if this match keeps happening so punks title reign can go on threw to royal rumble or if wwe is really that fresh out of ideas for #1 contenders.
    Eyback wasn’t my 1st choice, but its something new. I think guys like Cody Rhodes, dolph ziggler, kofi kingston & r-truth should be getting that big push, because punk & cena won’t be around forever.

  • bc

    fuck you wwe fuck you fuck you …. i want ryback win champ i knew it cena always come for wwe champ event…fuck you wwe.

  • Lew

    it’s in advertisement they change all the time

  • Best In The World

    also just ruined the hell in cell for ryback fans lol

  • Best In The World

    fuck cena like really im bored of this feud