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Three Matches Advertised For SmackDown, “We Hate Cena” Trends On Twitter

— Tuesday’s SmackDown taping at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas is being touted as a SuperShow as Superstars from both brands are slated to appear. The following matches are advertised for the event:

* Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship

* Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship

* Raw vs. SmackDown Battle Royal featuring 41 Superstars

— The term “WE HATE CENA” trended Monday night on Twitter. Prior to his Last Standing Match at Vengeance, Cena walked up to a fan at ringside wearing a “We Hate Cena” T-shirt.

— Rhyno is advertised for an autograph signing on December 3 at the LaSalle Knights of Columbus 209 Gooding St. LaSalle, Illinois. Visit for more information.

  • venom

    I agree Cena is a draw and earned his spot, but it is stupid to make him the top face of the company when people boo him.

  • Assassino

    i know he may be used way out of control but does anybody remember his amazing matches with Hbk, Triple H, hell even his match with mid card wrestlers like Shelton Benjamin, Mr Kennedy etc are amazing matches.

  • JOE

    @assassino just because he is “the face” of the company doesn’t mean you have to like him. Now I agree that overall hatred for cena is getting out of control, but can really blame people for it???

  • tombstonepildriver

    @Assassino– I agree and I am a Cena fan who also is not a kid. Yeah yeah yea maybe they smashed Cena’s sales but that dont mean shit. People will always jump on the bandwagon of something new and it always wears out in short time. Cena has been a mainstay of the company for several years now and will continue to be for several more years.

    There is a reason WWE pushes Cena and that is cause he is good for buisness, has fans, and is highly marketable.

  • TS93

    Vince: “cena let’s put u over del rio at vengeance”
    Cena: “nah I’d rather earn it this time, maybe the fans will like me again if I do.”
    Vince: “but they love u”
    Me: “cena hasn’t had fans since 2006.”

  • Bear Bonn vs john cena i win


  • The Great One

    @Assassino. But he doesnt does he? Take a look freaking look what happened when WWE for the first time in years pushed someone else in CM Punk. Punk smashed Cena’s sales.

    Take a look at the face of the compamy from previous years. The Rock. He came back for one night and smashed cena’s sales then he is advertised for 2 matches. SS and Mania and both sell out in record time BECASE PEOPLE ARE SICK OF CENA AND WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED !!!

  • CiB

    @ assassino

    TFCRGC (Top Face of Company Reliably Gets Cheered). Cena doesn’t therefore as he can’t fill the basic requirement of being the companies top face, he shouldn’t be the company’s top face.

  • Assassino

    is anybody actually going to get it through their head that Cena sells tickets and actually deserves his spot at the face of wwe? im not a little kid either so don’t put that shit on me. 🙂

  • B

    It’s mainly still trending as the same man with the same t-shirt was front row again tonight, and Cena stopped and they posed together again right on camera. Cena then gave his t-shirt to the guy who passed it to the kid sitting next to him.

  • yo

    Still trending as I’m writing this.

    Funny thing is that WWE didn’t acknowledge this trend.