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– Here’s the current card for WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view for next month:

Hell in a Cell for the WWE Title
John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Hell in a Cell Tag Team Match
DX vs. Legacy

  • redforc44

    OMFG are you serious,,, fukn make other stars you cunts by not having the same fukn mainevent for a whole fukn year!!!

    i hate wwe


  • Tom

    waiiit ryan you forgot they will add Kane vs Khali to the card aswell, thats the main match i will be watching the event for!! Who can imagine a more exciting match than these two ‘ring giants’ facing off in Hell in a Cell!!

  • deviant

    I was bored of cena/orton two years ago.

  • Ryan

    Oh but it shouldn’t be so bad, we will possibly finally get Ziggler and MOrrison added on the ppv card this time, so now it will be ok right??? ….. ….

  • Ryan

    It will most likely be
    Cena vs. Orton
    DX vs. Legacy
    Miz vs. Kofi
    Jericho/Show vs. Henry/MVP
    Taker vs. Punk

    Basically it will be the EXACT same card as Breaking Point only now just in a hell in a cell and Batista being thrown in a match in some form being the ONLY difference….jeez la wheez. No point at all of having the Breaking Point PPV.

  • brody

    Seriously, who cares about Cena/Orton anymore? Give it a rest and let them feud with someone else for a change. The only thing that changes is the match stipulation. WWE badly needs some new writers, the hacks they’ve got now need the Old Yeller treatment.

  • vil

    wooow im so surprise of that john cena vs randy orton for the 40th time thats original god bless vince dum fuck mcmachon

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