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– The dark match before tonight’s RAW in Hartford saw Santino Marella defeat Paul Burchill in a quick match.

– Evan Bourne and Matt Hardy will be in action on tomorrow night’s ECW, competing in the ECW Homecoming competition.

– WWE has announced Bret Hart as guest host, Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton and Chris Jericho & Big Show vs. DX for the Unified Tag Team Titles for next week’s Monday Night RAW head-to-head with TNA iMPACT.

  • WWE Rules

    I agree with Christian C. TNA is The New WCW I Mean they are repeating the same stupid mistakes with Hogan and Bischoff who just like in WCW did whatever they cold to enhance they’re own ego. here’s why a real wrestling fan will and should rightfully watch raw because after 12 years of waiting and waiting the BRET “THE HITMAN” HART will return to the wwe. The TNGAY fans are just too stubborn and idiotic to believe it. Hogan is a marketing machine bret is a wrestling icon that’s the truth.

  • Christian C.

    TNA is just a new WCW. Hiring old WWF wrestlers to try and draw crowds. It will be hard to top the WWF. Vince knows he has the #1 company, thats why he gets away with mediocre wrestling.

  • Joey

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. When WCW went under all the fans went with it. Site should be renamed wwe-wrestling-edge featuring TNA.com/ The arrogance and lack of objectivity of some of the posts on here is astounding. Just admit it you hate on TNA because you’re a WWE fan not a WRESTLING fan. 16 minutes of wrestling on RAW I read, Impact has one match that lasts longer than that. WWE may be the home of ten star matches featuring the same 6 guys over and over again. WWE does not have interesting characters and storylines anymore. Hornswoggle anyone?

  • zilla

    Hey edgehead15…. TNA Sucks…. 6 sided ring.. when they get a new ring then come and see me!

  • joe

    Another Hogan run? Ain’t that 65 years old grand pa should be home watching Oprah with his 20 years old girl friend?? A Bret Hart comeback in WWE after almost 13 years, that’s the best thing in years!!

  • JonJon

    These times remind me alot of the attitude era. WWF/WWE=big company tht everyones gunning for, wCw/TNA=biggest competiton with alot of talent, but nothing very big from the writers, and ECW/ROH=the best place to catch the most passionate fans and wrestlers who can get extreme and/or actually wrestle, but their big name talents are beginning to be lured away by promises of fame and fortune

  • Leon

    Vince is smart…He taking the competition out before it really becomes a competition…Take the weaker guy down…If they aren’t a threat now they will be later…I’m watching wwe cause i’m a huge wwe fan…tna is garbage…they missed out on aj styles and joe there biggest stars…tna is going to go down as another failure like wcw and awa and others who gone up against wwe…

  • sam

    edgehead have fun watching hogan, im sticking with the guy who actually made a career of being a great wrestler, not a marketing machine, bret hart!

  • nick

    ^ good luck with hogan

  • anthony

    edgehead15 vince aint scared he just wants to show tna once and for all that wwe is the better company

    tna is the new home of hardcore wwe is the home of ten star matches, great characters, and nearly everyone is taller than six foot

  • Hmm

    Who cares what you think man.

    Watch whatever you want.

  • Andy

    you’re an edgehead…but you watch TNA. peculiar.

  • arrrr truth

    no you arent you mark, you will flip from spike to usa at 859 pm just like everyone else will. theres no shame in admitting it. of course the matches wont deliver, its not a ppv or even smackdown, but dx vs jerishow is still much better than an outsiders and nasty boys reunion. so dont be shy, or be shy. be proud, or not proud. just know that hogan couldnt overshadow bret in the 90s and he wont do it in the year 2010 either. even kurt knows its damn true!

  • edgehead15

    WWE is so good at marketing. SOunds like a great card right? But will it deliver? No!

    Bret Hart….yeah good try VInce show us the cowardice u really r. I thought you weren’t araid of TNA. You damn well knew half your 14+ viewers r gonna watch TNA so you lure them ina trap by bringing back BRET. Smart move Vince. But you can’t catch me , I ‘m still watching TNA!

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