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Partial source: F4Wonline.com

– TNA has added Kaz and Jimmy Hart to their website roster page.

– TNA will be releasing a new two-disc DVD set soon that features matches from Beer Money and The Motor City Machineguns. Fans can vote on matches for the DVD at TNA’s website.

– Matches currently planned for TNA’s Destination X pay-per-view include:

* Ultimate X for an X Division Title Shot: Amazing Red vs. Generation Me vs. The MCMG vs. Suicide

* X Division Title Match: Doug Williams vs. Kaz

* Knockouts Title Match: Tara vs. Daffney

* Tag Team Title Match: Morgan & Hernandez vs. Beer Money

AJ Styles and Desmond Wolfe vs. The Pope and Abyss in tag-team action is also rumored.

  • James Mills

    Pope gets his shot at the title at Lockdown in April.

  • matt

    Pope will still be given his title shot, but it will be at Lockdown. They’re gonna use the time between now and then to build up the fued between pope and styles, kinda like the WWE used to do back in the old days.
    As far as Kaz/Frankie Kazarian/Suicide goes, like a couple other people said, he was on the verge of being a world champion, and he also pinned doug williams in a non title match in his (Kaz’s) comeback match-pinning a current champion in a non-title match pretty much gives you a title shot, if you follow tradition.
    Now then, as far as Hernandez/Morgan goes, I think we all saw this coming to fruition when they had both earned a slot in the 8 card stud tournament earlier. When you have the two biggest guys in the company face each other while they are tag champs, it’s generally the end of a potentially good tag team-just look at what happened Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire back in the old WCW. But if anything, get another classic match between those two.

  • danny

    that just shows what tna’s problem has been kaz was on the brink of being world champion and they repackaged him…. why would you repackage a guy whos over and getting a push ?

    ohh well atleast they are doing a good job with a.j and flair

    beer money will win the titles with the rumor of hernandez going to mexico to get him over with the hispanic fans and the friction between morgan and hernandez which happened way to fast it just feels like they did the samething again only had hernandez in place of abyss ( who i also think they ruined)

  • I Ribbed Chris Sabin

    Excuse me… Pope and AJ’s characters are great too – but TNA is in dire need of some good people on their “creative writing” squad… Abyss and Vince Russo are on this team – come on.

  • I Ribbed Chris Sabin

    Aside from Anderson… TNA is just pure crap – this is another example of why going to monday nights will end this “fantasy camp” sooner than later.


    happened to the popes title shot?

  • James Mills

    Erm…Kaz pinned the X-Division Champion Doug Williams in his comeback match….

  • RDWR

    this is exactly why tna sucks cause they dont give their good superstars a chance and push people that dont deserve it

  • Scooter

    valo kaz was on the brink of being world champion before they repackaged him

  • Valo487

    How has Kaz become the number one contender if he just came back? Now I know he wasn’t really gone, but as far as the TNA audience is concerned he’s not Suicide because Suicide is now a seperate person. Use some logic in the booking please.

  • Venom

    This new TNA DVD will be at Walmart, in the $5 bin.

  • cena sucks d**k

    looking forward to the ultimate x

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