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Matches Taped For WWE NXT Redemption, Former TNA Star Works Dark Match

Matches taped Tuesday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut for this week’s episode of WWE NXT Redemption are as follows:

* Maxine vs. Tamina Snuka

* Johnny Curtis vs. Yoshi Tatsu

* Darren Young vs. Jimmy Uso

* Percy Watson vs. Titus O’Neil

WWE developmental wrestler Xavier Woods, who formerly competed as Consequences Creed for TNA Wrestling, competed in a pre-taping dark match. He defeated Hunico in a singles match.

Woods appeared before the WWE audience for the first time at Raw live events over the weekend. He defeated Curt Hawkins on all three shows.

  • Dave

    Now reduced to jobbing to developmental talents in the NXT dark match.
    His push ended pretty abruptly.
    Not sure if there is any way back from falling that low down the card.

  • adam

    Ya NXT needs to end for christ sake i mean three of its superstars are on smackdown now and it only really has 2 members to its actual show. If the wwe still had hte dudleyz and hardys i would say a tag team nxt would be cool because it would be different. But they need to end this its been going on way to long. Actualy its been going on to long about 6 months ago. As for woods he is a pretty entertaining superstar. Also jason would have to explain awesome kong christian coming back rtruth jeff hardy when he jumped back and fourth. Or the real reason jeff went back to tna because they let him use his drugs all he wanted….thats a healthy workplace.

  • voice of reason

    you can only beat a dead horse for so long please let nxt die please for sanity’s sake

  • scooter

    Don’t he and R-truth have a TNA tag title shot from like 5 years ago?

  • HHH=goat

    Thought jason said all TNA wrestlers hate WWE

  • Aaron

    creed was awesome in TNA. Good luck kid

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    put an end to nxt already!!!Its beat to death!!!!!!!!!!