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Possible Matches for WrestleMania, Steamboat Called Up Soon?, More

– WWE officials will be looking at several potential new talents in developmental next month.

– Several people were under the impression that Ricky Steamboat’s angle with Santino Marella and Wade Barrett on RAW was being done to introduce his son Richie Steamboat to the main roster. However, a source reported on Tuesday that they are talking about changing Richie’s name before bringing him to the main roster. Richie may be finishing up his time in NXT soon.

– As noted, the top four matches for WrestleMania 29 are booked and not likely to be changes. This isn’t confirmed but those four matches may be The Rock vs. John Cena, Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, Sheamus vs. Randy Orton and CM Punk vs. The Undertaker.

It’s said that the rest of the card is still up in the air.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Joe

    All 4 are rematches actually. Brock vs the rock would be an epic rematch tho. And wouldn’t have to be the main event. So book it wwe

  • bonecrusher

    I was in Miami for Rock Vs Cena. We were told it was a once in a life time match. Now I get to go again, to see it again. Why can’t they put the Rock vs someone like the Undertaker? That would be such a more entertaining match.The match between Cena and Rock last year was the worst on the ppv. Good luck selling this one agian.

  • ramses 2

    bad wrestlmania

  • ramses 2


  • Kenn

    Where is Ziggler!!

  • Sam Peters

    them 4 matches would be good 🙂

  • d_pooch

    So, 3 out of 4 are rematches. *YAWN* Personally, I’d rather see the Rock vs.Triple H, John Cena vs. Undertaker, Lesnar vs. Randy Orton, and Sheamus vs. CM Punk.

    If we see Rock vs. Cena again, that means the Rock beats Punk at the Rumble, then Cena finally gets the title back from Rock at Mania.