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Matt Hardy Announces He’s Going To WWE-Sponsored Rehab

Matt Hardy has posted a new YouTube video with his “major announcement” – which is that he’s going to rehab for 3 months, courtesy of WWE. He also announced that when he gets out, he plans to open a wrestling school to give back to the industry he loves.

  • venom

    I think Matt needs to go to rehab longer than 3 months. I guess Matt is sorry for bashing WWE because they are going to be the ones to save him.

  • Nicholas G

    I hope he does but easier said then done. I wish both Matt and Jeff Hardy would go to rehab program. I really don’t care if they every return to wrestling or not. They just both need help and better some help then no help at all. But to me Matt right now is all talk but hope that changes and he does go to rehab.

  • Paton

    1 year too late. clearly had problems with the whole “MATTHEW” all caps episodes. 3 arrests later he finally realises it

  • peep this

    The sad part here, is he is using his FORMER Employer Drug rehab program, and will only be in there for 3 months. Yeah fucking right, like hes gonna come out a curd man. He need to go to the state institution to get shit in order. Basically, he need to fall of the map, get the hell of you tube and worry about HIM not the god dam fans. Never like the guy anyway

  • mark

    If this is true then great, lets wait for the WWE to confirm this. I dont believe a word that comes out of his mouth anymore

  • hardlyaaron

    @DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling I agree 100% with what you said. Matt Hardy has been talking some stupid shit over the year or so, let alone the past month. It’s hard to see what is bullshit and what is real, I hope to God this is real, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  • I hope Matt is entering rehab because he honestly believes he needs help and not as a ploy to get leniency from the Judge in his DUI cases.

    Whatever his reasons I hope that rehab gets him back to a point where he doesn’t end up being another statistic of wrestler deaths.

  • Omar

    Good for Matt. He needs to stay away from interwebs.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Excuse me… chill out? If I begin bashing the man, will that will be chill? I refrain from name calling because I find it childish but damn are you an idiot? I was wishing him the best of luck.

  • The Rock Obama

    @DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling chill out dude, give the guy a break, he is trying to get back in his feet

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Don’t know to believe his lies or not… It is just one right after another but if he is true, good for him and best of luck. Not many people can admit that they need help.

  • Jason

    Oops by the time I hit return another hater posted. I shoulda posted quicker lol.

  • Jason

    Wow only 1 Matt Hardy hater. Kinda surprised they didn’t come out of the woodwork. With as disappointing as Matt has been for awhile I hope this honestly gets his head back on straight.

  • Jake

    I feel bad, but if he follows through it would make a great come back story

  • Effmenow

    Fatt Lardy? Wow kids these days.

  • Buttercastle

    Should be 3 years honestly. But at least he’s trying to get better.

  • Dante

    Man, I have to give the guy props I am really happy that he is doing this for himself. I worried that something really bad would happen to him but after watching that video I am relieved. Matt and his brother were part of the golden age of tag teams and it pained me to see an athlete I grew up watching fall so hard until now. Sure Edge and Christian are my all time favorite tag team but Matt and Jeff were a close second. Get well Matt and I hope you’re school sucedds.

  • Boodock Saint

    Thank God he is getting some help

  • voice of reason

    good on you matt it must of been a massive decision & 1 that wasnt taken lightly i hope your rehab is a massive success for you i cant wait to see what great things you do in the future

  • KitKrock

    Why isn’t Fatt Lardy dead yet?