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Matt Hardy Arrested Again on Drug Charges: Steroids & Ecstasy Found

Former WWE and TNA star Matt Hardy announced on Monday that he’s going to rehab, but it’s been revealed today that he was arrested once again last week (9/14) after his home was raided and illegal drugs were found.

Hardy, 36, has been charged with possessing a controlled substance with intent to sell or deliver, possessing a controlled substance, maintaining a drug dwelling and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, according to a release today from the Moore County Sheriff’s Office.

The search at Hardy’s home on Sept. 14 turned up 20 vials of anabolic steroids, the drug MDMA (Ecstasy) and $1,961 in cash, the release said.

In case you are losing track of all Matt Hardy’s arrests, this is the third time Matt Hardy has been arrested in less than a month.

Hardy was released today on a written promise to appear in Moore County court on Thursday.

  • venom

    I never tought I would see Fatt Hardy get this bad. Fatt Hardy screw up of the year award.

  • Valo487

    I guess once Jeff resolves his legal issues Matt takes over. What a couple of clowns.

  • Dave

    Obviously he hopes that the judge will look favourably on his going to rehab. And there was I hoping it was because he wanted to get his life in order.

  • Nick Is Awsome

    Geeee he decides to go to rehab after his third arrest in a month how many defense attornys tell there clients that “rehab” will help the judge go easy on them and show that atleast they are trying to get help with matt hardy nothing he does is legit and rehab is just another ploy to keep him in the headlines and he is lucky that wwe sponsors a rehab for publicity because no one in there rite mind would ever want to be around him if mathew hardy starts following matt hardy around with a camera taping all this bullshit thats when matt needs to be exiled

  • KitKrock

    Why isn’t he dead yet?

  • Willow

    ok what the hell is everyones problem with matt and jeff?! they are humans just like us, yeah so they stuff up, dont we all? if you dont like them then dont read about them. they have given their everything for the fans and all you haters do is wish for their deaths? you guys are seriously messed up!!

  • Rated M

    Well guys there you have it the reason of matt hardy stupid behavior and criptic videos

    -tries to loose weight the easy/fun way with extasy/steroids mix

    -one of the secundary effects of the extasy is that you start having a type of “brainstorming” along with the sensation of huge self-confidence wich may be the reason he got the idea to give us a new video everytime he flushes the toilet.

    -also add the fact that a guy with long hair and expensive clothing in a nice big home with no job obviously you would think he es a durg dealer.

    viva mexico

  • D2K

    Well now we know why he checked himself into rehab. I guess last weeks escapade was the last straw.

  • theMark

    PLEASE jus slit ur throat Matt so dont have to hear any more about ur Pathetic excuse of a life.

  • CC

    @muh boy. Jeff is trying to do what?
    He is just as big a fuck up, if not bigger than Matt.

    I cant be bothered with either of them anymore as they are both fucking idiots.

  • sharktopus

    what kinda jail lets people go with a written promise? sounds like elementary school.i wonder if matt had to have his mom sign it before turning it in.

  • Centerman

    The spiral continues for poor ol’ Matt. He should seriously start looking for another line of work.

  • Automattic

    I cringed at first thinking that he was arrested AFTER making his announcement to go to rehab, thankfully that’s not the case. Hopefully rehab actually helps him out.

  • Man OH MAN AGAIN!!!

    This was and is posted on TMZ

    Thats ^ the document from PD. Dam dude, you can hate on a bitch, but I think she actually cares enough to turn your ass in so you can get some help. Love him or hate him. You got to respect his GF for turning state witness on his ass. You really need some help man, before your 12Feet under.

  • muh boy

    jesus matt. at least jeff is trying. take some notes u fat fool

  • Wow, Matt Hardy has really slid to an all time low and I’m now fairly sure that he’ll slide even further in a couple of days.

  • Dee durp

    That seals it! 2011 surely is “the year of Matt Hardy”