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Matt Hardy Arrested for Another DWI

Former WWE and TNA wrestler Matt Hardy has reportedly been arrested again during the past week in Raleigh, North Carolina on another DWI charge. He is scheduled to appear in court on November 30.

Hardy’s arrest has been confirmed with police officials, according to

To clarify – this is a separate incident from last month’s DWI in Moore County, North Carolina.

Matt Hardy tweeted on Tuesday:

“For the first time in my life, I was framed.. 0, 0, and O.. I’m truly appalled. This will not go down without a fight! Looks like I’ve got a bull’s eye on my head.”

  • kane

    If Matt was still in WWE it would make a great angle “Who framed Hardy” it’ll be like Kane going around looking for Undertakers attacker all over again, sort your shit out Hardy

  • vide

    I remember his first arrest, ppl were like oh forgive him, I was like no!, he is a grown man and should take responsibility. Matt, who is framing u now huh..tell it the government, terrorists or wwe. Should we call the scooby doo detective agency to figure this out. Or maybe it was aliens…God knows that the police have nothing to do with their time but frame u…or maybe ur body was matt, u drank and drove..simple as that..

  • bonerjams

    damn matt is getting more publicity now then he ever asked for i bet

  • jim

    Little Jimmy does it again

  • dx

    i dont feel sorry anymore this whole time i always had sympathy for matt n jeff both because i believe people need 2nd 3rd 4th chances and to make many mistakes before they get it right in certain peoples cases not all, but now matt deserves it. i feel bad for tna who gave the spot light to people like matt jeff hogan angle and made their company all about those people now to just have it be a company of worthless washed up screw ups from wwe its a shame to all the people that have been their from the start and the people who got burried once hogan came in, tna really was looking positive before 2010

  • Nick Is Awsome

    @stud dog see i told you eventually he will make so even his most diehard hardy believers cant even defend him anymore. This must be what he was talking about being framed lol. I thought he had changed and turned over a new leaf and was in a better place. Must be one of the other personalitys in his head that said all that stuff. I wonder what hardy got arrested this time Mathew or matt

  • Trixie

    again, really Matt, come on. what happend to the “i’m chaged this is a whole new matt hardy” thing from a few weeks ago? clearly he was full of bullshit if he’s doing the same stupid shit.

  • Valo487

    Piss on him. He should disappear from the public eye for good, how is he not embarassed to show his stupid face after this?

  • Jason

    I wonder why he didn’t do a YouTube video about this. Oh wait I may have just gave him an idea ….

  • CC

    I think Kurt Angle may have written a book of excuses, and Matt Hardy bought the only copy.
    It saddens me as I was fans of both those guys during their WWE days.

  • liam

    in the words of the miz an r-truth “really? really? REALLY? really?” “YOU GONE GET GOT”

  • You have to be fucking kidding me

  • Stro

    Bahahahahahaha, haaahahahahahaha!!

    Nobody can defend this asshole after this. You’re just a world class fuck-up Matt.

  • tna = total nonstop alcoholics? I mean, I know matt was released, but c’mon! this is just sad.

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    if anyone wants to read my old work, new columns will be coming soon!

  • Dave S

    Man sorry for those typos, wish I could edit that 😛

  • Dave S

    Matt, Kurt and Jeff – you know if TNA were amart, they could used as some team called “Pipebomb”, labelling them “wrestling’s worst nightmare are not straight-edge” – ok, I could never see it happening but I don’t want to rant on these wankers – I think it’s ruined their chances to ever get into the HOF…unreal stupidity. I think they’re hanging out with Diaz in the “101 excuses” camp…

    A man is someone who accepts ownership of their problems and also accepts full accountability for their actions. Thus, there is nothing to command respect from these people anymore.

  • hardlyaaron

    Matt Hardy REBORN everyone!


  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Who was framed? Matt, Mathew, Matty? Or was it one of the others living inside him…

  • venom

    Maybe it was Kurt Angle who got pulled over and he was wearing a black wig. Before he blew into the hacked breatalizer, he yelled “my name is Matt Hardy.” At least we have it all figured out.

  • venom

    He was framed. Somebody spiked his drink and then tied him up in the drivers seat and started the car. Maybe Matt Hardy DUIs is a work. Maybe McMahon texted somebody to do this to Matt Hardy. We need to get to the bottom of this and figure out who is framing Matt Hardy.

  • thestar

    I felt sorry for him at first but now he can go to hell

  • Oi

    Framed ya they took his drunk ass out of the passenger seat and put him in the driver seat. Jesus shut the hell up Matt Hardy.

  • mark

    I give up totally with him !!!! Please WWE never bring him back

  • Yup. Framed. Because everyone knows that the government and the rest of the world have nothing better to do or bigger to worry about than your dumb ass. Wise up. Quit being an asshole.

  • poko

    Framed? Really? How exactly does that work with a drunk driving arrest?

  • venom

    Wow. Sounds like he’s been hanging out with Kurt Angle. I didn’t do it. Matt and Kurt will be using Snitsky’s catch phrase. It wasn’t my fault!!!!!!!!!!!

  • StudDog

    Damn Matt! Even I cannot defend you after this shit, When you drive drunk you not only risk your life but also the lives of everyone else on the road. I really hope they take your license this time. Dumbass!