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Matt Hardy Arrested In North Carolina For DWI reports that Matt Hardy was arrested in North Carolina today on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

According to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, a trooper discovered the TNA Wrestling Superstar after his 2009 Corvette ran off the road and struck a tree. Hardy was by himself and did not suffer any injuries.

The trooper observed signs of impairment and arrested Hardy. He was charged with driving while intoxicated and the trooper found no other contraband in the vehicle. Hardy submitted to a blood test, results of which are pending.

He was released at approximately 7:00 p.m.

TNA Wrestling officials reportedly suspended Hardy in June due to continuously arriving late to events and posting a video online of himself urging Jeff Hardy to stun Reby Sky (Matt’s girlfriend) with a taser. He stated last week on Twitter that his time away from the ring has been a blessing in disguise as it has allowed him to completely clean up his life.

To read the full story, click here.

  • Jason

    I hope he stocked up on grapes since he’s now out of a job.

  • Controversy = Cash

    I looked up to this “man” as a kid…

  • Logan

    Damn V1……….wtf

  • theMark

    Fat Hardy was suspected with a DWI: an overdose of grapes.

  • Bus

    I Am Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise

  • nick is awsome says:

    wow rock lets start this off by blow me and as for immature how i stated i would piss on his dumb ass corpse i stated my feelings and apparently i offended team xtremes last fan or your really matt hardy either way tonight when your holding your mattitude doll waiting for your xtreme cocktail of downers and nyquil relize how your idol is a douch loser who has a big ass head that he doesnt deserve he has done what in the wrestling world exactly his brother was the extreme one you cant do a second rope leg drop and call yourself extreme. And for someone that goes by the name rock to tell me to grow up is actually funny and before you respond look at your name my name says it im nick and im Awsome hows that for immature freckly nuts

  • Effmenow

    only 45 views and all of the trolls are already out. nice one WE.

  • rock

    wow nick yeah he fucked up but thats just immature hope you grow up fast

  • Fred

    Shocking…really, it is. -_-

  • nick is awsome says:

    i bet tna thought they were getting a great deal when they signed him to but they were wrong. The last two years of tna have all been one series of wrong moves and sadly i like tna or the option to watch something other than wwe but good god how can they still be afloat there screwd when spike changes there format its going to be like ecw on Tnn lol or like matt hardy standing in front of an AA meeting saying he isnt a douch junky all wrong

  • nick is awsome says:

    ha ha bout time if he had only went through the windsheild i would have gladly driven to the crash site or the morgue or wherever they would drop his useless corpse at and i would piss on it but he didnt kick the bucket a boy can dream though….. I hate matt hardy and his useless brother

  • mark

    what an idiot!!!! the hardys have gone completly off the rails. Neither TNA or WWE should have them on the roster until they take some responsibility for their own lives. TNA should release them both

  • Matt

    bwhahahahahahhahah 😛

  • Blue Blazer

    Do you see the look of shock on my face?

  • Nick

    You know it truly is a tragedy what’s happened to the Hardys. Sure, they’ve kinda brought it on themselves, but it’s sad that one of the greatest tag teams ever are going to be remembered more for their drug problems than their in-ring accomplishments.

  • Eric Nixon

    Will TNA now fire his useless ass! What am I saying? It’s TNA; he’ll probably be TV Champ or something by the end of the month.