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Matt Hardy Claims To Suffer Injury At Lockdown, Fortune Member Returns

— Matt Hardy said on his Twitter account that he may have fractured his arm during the Lethal Lockdown Match at TNA Lockdown.

He wrote, “Close but no cigar tonight in a very physical & aggressive Lethal Lockdown match-I didn’t get beat tonight but I may have fractured my arm..”

According to company sources, he appeared fine backstage after his match. If his injury claim is legit, it would have likely occurred during his bump off the cage after being dropkicked by Kazarian.

— AJ Styles returned to television during the Lethal Lockdown Match at TNA Lockdown and assisted Fortune in their victory over Immortal. Styles was written off television last March after suffering a storyline injury due to Bully Ray.

— Max Buck became the No. 1 Contender to the X Division Championship at TNA Lockdown by winning the X Division Ultimate Xscape Match over seven other wrestlers. A date for his title shot against Kazarian was not announced.


  • venom

    Looks like Matt Hardy will be Fatt Hardy again because he won’t be able to work out. He’ll say he has a digest problem as an excuse.

  • adam

    Don’t act like you guys weren’t riping on him too when he was putting out all those youtube videos. Or when he was saying all this other bullshit because im sure you were too. That is what i mean he earned or diserves the hatred now and diserves no one to believe him when he posts somethin on twitter. Also unless they want attention for it who posts i fractured my arm on twitter.

  • JOE

    @cc LMFAO!!!!!!!

  • skitzo

    I wish people would get off the “Fat” hardy kick. The guys has gotten himself into really good shape. The fat jokes were only “in” when he ACTUALLY was a bit heavy.

  • Jay

    yea, if it was anyone else, i’d be concerned as usual, but since it’s Fatt Hardy, I’m gonna say it’s BS. and if it isn’t, well…better luck next time.

  • GreasyRabbit75


    Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are…

  • CC

    “Give the guy a break”
    Maybe not the best choice of words considering 😉

  • TomC


    @ adam:
    So he brought a possible fractured arm on himself? He brought on all of this manufactured hatred toward him on himself? If a pro-wrestler having a bit of an ego is a reason to hate him, then you must hate 97% of ALL pro-wrestlers. The fact of the matter is that those on here who spew their ridiculous hatred for guys like Matt Hardy, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle and others are clearly only doing so as a defense mechanism to try to make themselves feel better for not being anywhere NEAR a success in their lives/careers as these guys have been.

    Matt Hardy was doing what he is supposed to do as a pro-wrestling personality. He put on a show for the audience and he got injured. Give the guy a break, for cryin’ out loud.

  • adam

    And he didnt bring this on himself right

  • CC

    How the fuck do you know that he is bullshitting, just because the “company sources” who we have seen time and time again are worthless, say he seemed ok after the match?
    Simple fact is that a fracture after the match would not have necessarily been instantly noticeable, especially considering that adrenaline would still have taken away most of the signs that an injury had occured. Also, with the fact that Matt has already had a break/fracture in recent history with his match against Jeff in WWE, that that arm would be more prone to repeating the same injury.

    Its like the people who started bagging on Matt as an attention whore with the engagement thing when it was his girlfriend who made that claim, not him. Some people just feel the need to hate and for hatings sake or they think it makes them cool to bag on the current popular insult target.

  • Devil_Rising

    And you just wanna comment on every tiny bit of news ABOUT the guy, amiright?

  • adam

    so matt is bullshitting to get attention again. Just like his post that jeff hardy is retiring but jeff’s wife said havent heard anything about it. Matt just wants to be the center of the universe.