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Matt Hardy To Explain Who Matt Hardy Is, Mickie Holding Concert

— In Matt Hardy’s latest YouTube blog, he posted a preface for an upcoming entry that will explain ‘Who is Matt Hardy.”

“You will all understand, who the real Matt Hardy is,” Hardy says. “You will all understand, what makes Matt Hardy tick. You will all understand, why Matt Hardy… is Matt Hardy.

“I promise you this, it’s going to be a YouTube entry you do not want to miss. I promise you that. I promise… you that.



— TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Mickie James will be holding a live concert at Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium in Louisville, Kentucky on Friday, July 15. The show will begin at 8:00 p.m. For more information, visit or call 502-452-9531.

James also stated on her Twitter account that she will be doing a VIP meet and greet.

  • Ronni

    Matt forgot to take his medication

  • The Rocko

    matt hardy was my favorite wrestler ever since matt version 1.0, its sad the way his career went down the toilet on the last couple of years, everybody used to love this guy, but now… everybody hates him, in 2005 he had everything to be the man, what happend? now all he does is talk stupid crap on the internet that nobody cares plus he’s fat, he isnt even a good wrestler anymore and he’s plain annoying, hell i watch every news regarding matt just for couriosity… i have to face the awfull fact that he really is a NEVER-WAS… shame matt, shame

  • Marky Mark

    Matt Hardy is the greatest wrestler ever in the history of the planet earth. Talk other wise is clearly from people who like penis inside their butthole.

    PS – Grapes > Oranges


  • Chryogenos

    I liked Matt in 2002, but this is ridiculous!

  • cam

    lol matt has gone stupid again he was acting nomral for a little bit 😛

  • ML

    @Ryan You’re commenting on an article about him too so it’s not just everyone else. And Matt Hardy overdramatizes every little thing to try to make it seem like some huge deal. He’s more like a 5 year old wrestling fan than an actual wrestler who’s in the business.

  • Ryan

    Reason why he doesn’t shut up because he still gets people to comment and watch his videos (you)

  • Dave

    Egocentric asshole

  • Stumpy

    @Joe… It’s like a bad train wreck. You know it won’t be pretty but you still have to look at the carnage.

  • venom

    I’m surprised Fatt Hardy’s sausage fingers can type. I can’t wait until TNA fires this guy. He has to be his biggest fan.

  • blake beverly

    @joe. these people who claim to hate matt hardy click on his links cause its just too much fun to make fun of this joke of a wrestler. seriously he’s the biggest joke in the industry right now. however if he fell off the face of the sport, these people who click on his links that hate him wouldn’t miss him either so it all works out

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Who cares who Matt Hardy is? Maybe circa 2003 maybe. now? nah.

  • Greatness

    Matt Hardy….is a Has-Been..wait I meant a never-was!!!

  • scooter

    gospel hmmm he’s christopher daniels in disguise!

  • the truth

    Matt Hardy is going crazy again. Must be leaving TNA soon.

  • JOE

    Its funny how people claim to hate matt hardy, but yet click on every link with his name in it.

  • Valo487

    I want to know why Matt Hardy can’t shut the hell up. That’s the only question I want answered.