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– Regarding the post from earlier about Matt Hardy’s latest “cryptic” message on Twitter, he wrote the following on his blog today. Good stuff here.

September 30, 2009 – Wednesday

They Prove Me Right Again

Last night, since almost every WWE personality was in Boston for The Decade Of Smackdown show, we all went out to eat after the show last night. A huge tab ended up being comped, which was very cool. Everyone was gonna leave generous tips because the meal was free obviously, and we wanted to take care of our servers. I was one of the last ones to leave, and was figuring up the tip. The tip wasn’t as good as I would have liked it to have been from a couple of the guys. So I left an extremely large tip at the end before leaving. I joked and said it was a sin that I had to pay for other people’s mistakes and cheapness. I bet a couple of my closest WWE friends that if I posted a tweet rephrasing the situation as “I am exhausted from being punished because of someone else’s sins”, that the wrestling media would pick up that comment and run with it as something completely different. Low and behold, almost every site did. It’s not surprising that I won the bet, it’s exactly what I anticipated happening. Just another example of how they’re looking for any comment they can to translate however into hits for their site and reader views. So take it from me, don’t believe everything you read-fact is rarely separated from fiction when it comes to any branch of the “media entertainment market.”

Until then everyone, be well..

  • Get a Clue

    Who’s the spazzo? Do you not realize someone is stalking Matt by reading his tweets and then posting them, jumping to conclusions about what he post? If you people think he is a douche or what not stop reading what he post. Simple as that.

  • jim

    i love what matt hardy does.its a big FU to rumor sites who think they know everything.in other words if the people who run the sites would research what was going on they would be ok.but instead they take his tweet and post it with out knowing anything just to make a headline.

  • Jay Dogg

    Bring back Team X-treme!! Brothers unite and kick some unified tag team a.s.s!! Time for real wrestling again. While they are at it… Bring back the Hardcore belt!! Put it on Big Show then have Hornswaggle win the strap off of Big Show. That is entertaining wrestling!!

  • Monster300zx

    Well Matt is right, wrestling news site report false info all the time, and all of us make hateful judgment calls on wrestlers a lot when we hear some stories, and he’s proving it.

  • RoseBeaver

    But it’s not as it he’s saying “Ha ha, that was funny!” – he’s saying “Ha ha – Only loser wrestling news sites wouldn’t have been able to work out I was actually talking about my restaurant bill! I’m so much smarter than everyone else in the world ever!”

  • John

    I imagine that posting cryptic messages and watching people try to figure out what they mean can be fun. It’s not like Matt is the only guy ever to do it.

  • Mark

    what a prick? why does he post such stupid messages in the first place. Why doesnt he just be honest with people

  • RoseBeaver

    Matt Hardy is such a knob-jockey.

    Hey Matt, if you don’t want folk to speculate over your Twitter musings:

    a) Don’t post cryptic messages
    and b) Don’t have a Twitter account

    You massive spazzo.

  • RoseBeaver

    Matt Hardy is such a dick.

    Hey Matt, if you don’t want folk to speculate over your Twitter musings:

    a) Don’t post cryptic messaged
    and b) Don’t have a Twitter account

    You massive spazzo.

  • Vince Russo

    I would book this storyline…

  • Brittany

    When is this guy gonna learn to keep his mouth shut on the internet?? It hasn’t worked out for him too well. Sometimes he comes off as very whiny and bitter. Then he wonders why he always got overlooked in WWE. *shaking my head*

  • Valo487

    Yeah, he could be telling the truth, or……..

    He was made to come up with an explanation by someone above him. Or he remembered what happened the last time he let his fingers loose on the internet and got released. Whichever it is, he’s being kept off TV for a reason, he had just returned from injury when he disappeared again, and it’s not hard to figure out why that might be.

  • Thumper!

    I am a fan of Matt Hardy’s wrestling.

    But Matt Hardy the person seems like a loser.
    Im pretty sure he is being punished by WWE management considering the fact he hasnt been on TV in a few weeks. Him trying to down play that by trying to act all cool and shitt by *tricking* the fans tells me he’s lying.

    I felt bad for this dude when Lita cheated on him. Now I can see why she did lol

    We Want Jeff!

  • AJ

    Matt seems to look more and more like an ass with every tweet and blog. He really seems like a bitter person for some reason.

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