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Matt Hardy fires back at ‘condescending’ Tweets from Impact Wrestling President

As we reported earlier this month, Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm took to Twitter to thank The Hardys for their performances of the ‘Broken’ characters, but then gave all credit for the character’s creation to Dave Lagana, Jeremy Borash and Billy Corgan.

Hardy took to Twitter to respond to Nordholm’s comments, calling them ‘condescending’ and claiming the Broken Universe is his property:

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  • D2K

    Triple H and Stephanie are NOT above petty tweeting themselves. Especially when CM Punk’s name is involved. We don’t need to go into semantics on which is more or less petty. The point is that they do it too. They also have done the same exact thing to Cody Rhodes claiming that he cannot legally use the ‘Rhodes’ name because it “belongs to them” even though his late father Virgil Runnels used it for practically two decades before coming to the WWF. Cody could probably win that lawsuit if he pushed it far enough, but he doesn’t have the money to go up against Vince in court.

    So they live in a glass house. No stones can be thrown.

  • CC

    I thought when the new owners took over we would stop seeing petty and childish tweets, seems I was wrong.
    This is why TNA or Impact or whatever its called will never get as big as WWE.

    People can hate on WWE as much as they want for things, but you will never see any of the management in WWE tweeting petty stuff like this. When it comes to legal stuff, the minimise what is said in public, and if they do say anything, its in a professional manner.

    Impact is run by 12 year old kids I think.