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Matt Hardy Thanks His Friends & Family, Says He Will Rise Above His Hard Times

– Matt Hardy wrote the following on Twitter this afternoon:

“Thank you all SOO very much for all the support you’ve given me thru this hard time, like a Phoenix, I will rise above this all!

I have so many people to return calls to, text, DMs, & e-mails as well, and I eventually will. I appreciate the support from Jeff, Beth, Shane, Karen, My Dad, My Mother in heaven, my friends, My beautiful girlfriend Rebecca Reyes, Mrs. Dixie Carter, and all of my family, friends, fans. I love you and appreciate your support and prayers more than you could ever imagine! :-)”

  • theMark: Nope not yelling, mostly just laughing at you. And no I do not have time for playing your favorite game with you. (theMark always wants to be a knight elf mohawk LOL).

    Bastion Boogeyman: God you are so boring and lame. Until you can come up with something at least slightly amusing I will be ignoring your post.

  • theMark

    WOW….ur rele yelling at people on the computer? go back to playin World of Warcraft u fat piece of useless Sh*t!

  • StudDog

    tombstone1108: LOL what the blue hell was that about? Answering your own post jerkweed?

  • tombstone1108

    ^ ^ ^ ^
    Tuff shit. Thats my right.

  • tombstone1108

    StudDog: Just seeing all your damn post is getting old.

  • StudDog

    Did not now that about the nickname on here. Thanks for the info, Still think it’s getting old though. Dont really care what you call him just got tired of that one. Do really wish both he and Jeff would get straight. Hope it happens soon.

    And yes I have met them, do not really know them personally but we are from the same area.

  • StudDog

    Yep, New, Only been coming here about a month now. Probably wont stay long either.

  • venom

    I only go on this site while at work. I don’t even go on here on my days off. I have nothing but time while on here. Not like the other the posters that are 12 year olds that live on this site when they get home from school. BTW, the whole thing with calling him Fatt Hardy. That was Matt Hardy’s nick name of here for a really long time. Some people even have that as their user name. You would know that unless you’re some what new to this site.

  • StudDog

    venom: I hope your at work also, would be very sad if you spent this much of your own time bashing them. In fact that would be down right scary.

  • StudDog

    venom: LOL Yeah I am at work, My job requires using a computer and I visit this site when I am caught up, (Boss knows it, She does it too).

    Now once again let me say that I am not defending them, Their acts as of recent have been reprehensible, All I am saying is lets act like human beings and wish them to get better instead of constantly belittling them. Remember they have freinds and family who care for them. And people can change, I know I went thru some rough times(will not say what no one here” buisness but not drugs) but have had my act together for 12yrs now.

  • venom


    I hope you are at work while you have the time to make all of these comments. I would feel sorry for you if you did all of this defending The Hardys on your own time.

  • StudDog

    nick is awsome says:
    Date: Aug 25, 2011 at 10:38 AM
    Stud dog you to with the gramer i feel like im arguing with a bunch of old men. and if you and super hitler dave dont like the hardy jokes then dont read them does it hurt your feelings that people dont like your idol matt hardy and if so why do you like him like i said in previouse posts a second rope leg drop doesnt make you extreme it just shows that matt hardy has gotton fatter and fatter and gets winded when going to the top rope. And him getting winded and falling down is even more proof that he is way to fat becuse accourding to you and super hitler matt hardy doesnt do drugs so how did he crash his car and how did he “fall” down. And me boring please if i was so boring you wouldnt be responding to my posts obviously im the high point in your day so my next question for you to ponder between writing hardy love letters and his on comming obituary is do you prefer hardys shaft or his balls in your mouth cockspert.

    To nick is awesome:
    Dear dumbass, I know this is from a different thread but I wanted to make sure you seen it. First learn to seperate sentences, if not when you write them then at least when you read them. I called venom boring (hope we have put all that in the past now) not you. Me too with the gramer? LOL! That is hillarious. And I never said Matt was not on drugs I said we should all be hoping for him to get better and get his life straight.
    Wait I know all this is to hard for you to understand so I will write it in your language.
    i didnt call you boring i called venom boring gramer that was funieer then hell didn say matt not on drugs said hope he git wel on day an git life strate.

    Hope that helped.

  • StudDog

    Well do you think it makes his family feel any better to hear all the nasty things people are saying about him? Yes it is selfish but addiction is also a disease. Thanks for refering to him as Matt. I liked that. Shows a nice human side to you.

  • venom

    StudDog: Nobody forced Matt Hardy to do any drugs. That was his personal choice. People like him are selfish because he isn’t just harming himself, he is harming his friends and family because they are worried for him. I don’t feel bad for Matt, but I do feel bad for his family.

  • StudDog

    venom: I did explain, It’s the same line over and over, fatt hardy’ fatt hardy. And no I dont think it is ok to put down someone who has major problems. I think that is the time we should be wishing them to get better. Wrestling is all about wanting to main event, Matt is not the first one to claim to be the best and will not be the last. Last monday CM Punk said he was the best but I dont hear anyone putting him down for it. Not asking anyone to be a Matt fan, Just saying maybe you and a lot of others should have a little sympathy. Remember never judge a man until you have walked in his shoes.

  • venom


    I used to be a big Hardys fan in the 90’s, but they think they are better than everybody. Matt Hardy posting videos on how great he is and how he should be a mainevent guy. This guy is no draw, but he thinks he is. When people talk so great about themselves all the time, it’s okay to put them down so they are not so high. Don’t get why you keep coming after me on all of these post when everybody bashes Fatt Hardy. You mights as hell argue with everybody. You still never explained why you get so offended with these Hardy jokes. It’s like you are trying to brainwash people to be his fan again.

  • StudDog

    theMark: How would you feel if someone was saying that to your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Cell mate, Gay lover?

  • StudDog

    Actually venom, I love poking fun at you but a least your not posting these awful comments wanting people to kill themselves. Maybe I should start messing with the real assholes for a change.

    But please except a little advice. Stop hating on Matt so much, and no I am not a big Matt fan (use to be in the 90″s) I just dont understand why you hate him so much. Also if you must do it at least find another line.

  • StudDog

    I knew venom (only nerds use names from comic book characters) would show up with his lame ass fatt hardy line.

  • StudDog

    theMark You insensitive little asshole! You can move on anytime you like, no need for anyone to kill themselves. All you have to do is ignore them and keep your smartass comments to yourself. See then you have moved on.

  • venom

    To Fatt Hardy,

    Say no to drugs!!!

  • ohdear

    “Hey you know what would be cool? If we wished death on another human being! It doesn’t effect us so we don’t care, PFFT!”

    I remember when trolls had just a little bit of class. Apart from anything we should really be wishing him well so we can start making ribbing him properly again.

  • Trixie

    You people that keep saying you hope Matt kills himself or dies in some other way are absolutely horrible people. You really wish and hope him to die? That is discusting.

  • shawn

    theMark i dont think im above you or anyone else but that comment makes you seem like a jerk-off. hey, hey, dont get mad. thats just my perception.peace.

  • theMark

    WAAH WAAH WAAH who gives a sh*t about Fat fu*k Hardy
    he needs to do us a favor, kill himself(as well as Jeff) and We can move the Hell on!!

  • Bawb


    Yeah, fuck everyone else who keeps taking shots in comments above. The first step is admitting something is wrong, and at least he’s done that. I hope things improve from here.

  • Automattic

    Actually the first clear, positive response Matt has given through this whole thing. Hopefully he actually does get better, and focuses on cleaning up everything before even thinking about stepping foot in a ring again.

  • Jason

    My Mother in heaven, my friends, My beautiful girlfriend Rebecca Reyes, Mrs. Dixie Carter …

    WHAT ? WHAT ? WHAT ?

  • MJ

    You will burn in hell for saying that

  • theMark

    ………and hopefully he kills himself by choking on a grape.

  • Matt Hardy is a joke.

  • CC

    I actually agree that Dixie Carter supported him by firing him as being released from TNA has got to be a bonus to anyone.