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Matt Hardy and Hulk Hogan Comment on Jeff Hardy

– Following the news that Jeff Hardy has in “no condition to perform” at Sunday’s TNA Victory Road pay-per-view and has been sent home from this week’s iMPACT tapings, Hulk Hogan has commented on the situation.

A fan asked Hulk Hogan on Twitter, “Love ya Hulk,but seriously,it’s time to get rid of Hardy.Guy’s gotta problem that needs to be sorted out.That was a joke”

Hogan responded to the fan: “Brother were trying to get everything straightened out,I feel bad about some of the situations that have to be delta with HH”

– Meanwhile, Bret Hart tweeted this about Jeff Hardy’s situation:

“Getting asked a lot about Jeff Hardy. Know very little about it. I will say that TNA fans deserve better than what they got last night.”

– Matt Hardy tweeted on Monday afternoon:

“Well, today has been quite the interesting day to say the least. And yes, Jeff is fine. I’m (definitely) fine. Just sore from busting my ass last night.”

  • venom

    I like how Matt is in denial of Jeff’s problems. Matt replies by saying Jeff is okay. Rather than admitting he was drunk.

  • dave

    people really think all this is real? its all a work how dumb are you guys

  • Chris Jericho on Twitter:

    TNA + Jeff Hardy=I don’t buy it… #winning

  • Rob

    I agree with alot of the comments here. I was a big Jeff fan, some of his matches were amazing, but this is bullshit. He needs to be let go, rehab himself, then maybe come back.

    However the Matt hating is so harsh. He had a great match with AJ on that night, so just because his bro fucked up, why should he be let go? He has started to look alot better and deliver some good matches.

  • mabry

    ppl say Cena sucks but all he does is work hard. ppl say Matt Hardy sucks and all he does is work hard (and do those stupid videos). Jeff Hardy is a junkie, and many guys adore him….. i dont get it, what is it with jeff hardy, he has no respect for his fans nor the business nor his pears. At least do your job and then get drunk or high….

  • Steven Haig

    Jeff hardy should have stayed in WWE, if he did he would have been headlineing wrestliemania this year!! However, jeff being jeff screwed up big time once again, such ashame to see a talented but screwed upnguy like him do something so stupid once again, jeff hardys fans must be pulling there hair out! There are the ones who have stood by him from day one, bit of advice for you guys, go chant someone elses name who wouldn’t let you down !!

  • xXx

    we dont fucking care how ur doin matt.. >.>

  • Don’t get on Matt’s case. In case any of you missed it, he and AJ actually put on a damn good match last night. It would’ve been the best if it weren’t for the X-Division and Tag Title matches. That match was one of Hardy’s best matches, and one of the best matches that Aj has had in a while. As for Jeff, he does need to go. Not because I want him to lveave, but because he jsut needs the damn help.

  • Valo487

    All I’ll say is Matt shouldn’t say Jeff is fine. Either he’s fine and TNA really did put out a fiasco of a match, or he’s not fine and everyone had to deal with it. Neither option is particularly appealing.

  • adam

    As a person i hope jeff hardy is ok. As a wrestling fan that was one of the most pathetic things i have ever scene. Even watching him walk down the ramp you could tell he wasnt right. Then at the end of the 2 minute match which bichoff u didnt have to make no dq because nothing happend. But after that beauty of a match all the fans chanting this is bullshit at one of the biggest ppvs of the year and sting agreeing. Disagree with me all you want sting made the wrong choice picking tna over wwe. He could of main evented wrestlemania. Instead he had to be involved in one of the worse matches in wrestling history.

  • nnla

    I love sting as a person and wrestler.. Think he has very good values and I liked how he “agreed” with the crowd while he was walking up the ramp. I bet he doesn’t work with Hardy again after having to go through that embarrassing match last night.

  • Myers

    Yeah, looks like the coke is really working for Matty 8-Ball

  • KitKrock

    Fire both hardys please hok hogan

  • skitzo

    On a totally unrelated note, Matt Hardy is really getting himself into fantastic shape! What, no more “FAT LARDY” jokes from the peanut gallery now that he actually worked through his intestinal issues and is poised for a great run?

  • Someone asked Shawn Michaels about the Jeff Hardy situation saying that he was all messed up last night. This is what he said. “All I know of it is what u just said, sorry. I’ll admit I don’t stay well informed, other than u all:-)”

  • Ricardo

    I’m with Rucdogg – Matt has been solid in TNA. Hardy’s match last night with Styles stole the show. When you’re in the ring with Styles your job is easier, but Matt went toe to toe with him and gave a great show.

    If you want, bash people when they do something wrong, but don’t just keep repeating the same old prejudices when they are undeserved.

  • CC

    I think the only thing Matt can be considered guilty of in this situation is being an enabler.
    Sure its admirable that he wants to defend his brother, but sometimes people need some tough love from those closest to them, so they can sort their shit out.
    I will say though that Matts comment wasnt his usual “Its all bullshit from the dirtsheets” answer that he has defended Jeff with in the past, by just saying Jeff is ok is neither defending him or denying he was wasted.

    Watch the video. Sting looks PISSED, and EB got what was coming to him too !!



  • CM Mark

    LOL no one cares about you Matt!

  • Rucdogg

    I dunno how Matt Hardy is getting blamed for all this, besides his lame youtube videos Matt has been pretty solid in TNA and his match with Styles last night was one of the best of the night.

  • Steve

    Interesting to see just who is involved with all this bullsh1t: Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, (possible) Vince Russo, Jeff Hardy and (possibly) Matt Hardy. TNA just isn’t getting it. You could just see it in Sting’s face after the match. It was as if he was saying, “Dammit! Not THIS again!”. Shades of Halloween Havoc (99) and Bash at the Beach (2000).

    Anyone remember the cryptic message from Vince about ‘injecting poison’ into the WWF (via nWo)? His statement was just for a storyline. Dixie ‘Ditsy’ Carter has literally injected a fast acting poison into Total Nonstop Action in the form of Bischoff, Hogan and the Hardys. This is painful to watch.