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Partial source: PW Torch Newsletter

– John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton is being advertised for WWE’s return to Greensboro, North Carolina on Saturday, June 13th.

– Matt Hardy wrote the following on Twitter regarding his injury from the European tour: “Thx 4 the well wishes on my arm injury, all are much appreciated! My bicep & shoulder muscles are deeply bruised & strained, but not torn. Haven’t missed any of my matches or appearances, nor will I on this tour. I’m working in pain, but attempting to work as smart as possible.”

– Pro Wrestling Revolution out of California announced yesterday that they will be working for WWE as talent scouts, mainly looking at luchadors. Former WWE developmental talent Kafu is the head trainer at PWR’s schools.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    They could call his younger brother Jake, Kevin, or Leaf you know, what ever!! Anyways I am sure we haven’t heard the last of Martey Hardy!!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    Anyways it is not his fault Jeff is more popular and charasmatic!! He should get another push. Maybe form a new team with a younger brother angle. They New Hardys!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    You all need to stop mocking Matt Janetty!! He should have gotten a push when he came back instead of going to TNA! They made him work with a guy who slept with his girlfriend!!(I mean wasn’t his loving descent Lita?? Hmmm makes you think.)

  • kelly

    Don’t blame Hardy blame creative where the edge and lita feud was his big push and then they did nothing but made him Job.

  • Mabry

    i give up on Matt Hardy, hes not gonna make it, ever…

  • Mabry

    i hate Marc Middletone….

  • The Black Scorpion

    Hopefully they will cut him, maybe he can go to TNA the way christian did and become a main eventer somewhere like he deserves…whatever happened to them promising him a push after all that crap they made him do with the whole Edge/Lita storyline?

  • umpire4life

    As much as I hate to say it, Matt Hardy will be one of the post WM cuts.

  • venom

    Matt Hardy is hurt again. He can’t even job anymore!

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