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Matt Hardy Says Jeff Hardy Is Considering Retirement, Jeff’s Wife Responds

Matt Hardy stated in a video blog today that his brother Jeff is considering retiring from the wrestling industry. He added that Jeff may need serious back surgery.

Jeff’s wife Beth refuted the retirement claim on her Twitter account, writing, “Jeff hasn’t said anything to anyone about retiring.”

The tweet was soon deleted.


  • venom

    Fatt Hardy says too much. He should just shut up.

  • Wowzer

    Hunter i agree with Shawn and Flair but Hogan? my standards can only go so low…DUDE, Hogan has whack-ass lines like brother and dude trying to stay cool, he doesn’t keep it real. Which is what most if not all icons do so that must eliminate Jeffrey Nero Hardy 🙁

  • Justin

    well he will never win a WWE world title so he cnt accomplish everything

  • Hunter

    Icons a big word- I like Jeff, and hope he gets better, but the guys isn’t an icon. He’s not a Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan etc etc

  • Bri

    Jeff will turn into Scott hall if he doesn’t get the help he needs. But how can anyone say he a icon? He was good but not great all

  • theviewtvshow

    jeff would rather quit the goto rehab

  • Devil_Rising

    He probably does have major back issues, with all the stupid stunts he’s insisted on pulling for the fans over the years. But he should retire anyway, because he’s turned into nothing but a drugged up fool. He needs to get his life in order, but it SERIOUSLY falls apart.

  • Wowzer

    Yes he does need help but when i was 6 watching wrestling, the only reason i tuned in was to watch the charasmatic enigma, the rainbow haired warrior, the never say die Jeff Hardy. He was, and is still my favorite wrestler whether his life offset is bad, in the ring he was my role model. And we get it to the people constantly hating yes he needs help, everytime i see something about Jeff some kids are always on the drug part of him.

  • @wowzer the problem with your logic is jeff never changes he always puts on the “I’ve got clean and now I’m a better person” charade yet 6 months down the line we hear of him using again!
    I want jeff to get help seriously I don’t want the guy killing himself but he has to want to help himself first

  • nick

    bye jeff have fun with ur pills

  • Wowzer

    Fuck all of you Jeff hardy is a wrestling icon whether you want to admit it or not. Sure hes had mistakes with drugs a lot of times but PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES half the WWE roster is on roids anyway. If all you have in your life is to make comments about others youve got a problem. Forgive and forget

  • venom


    lol. When Jeff goes to jail, he can buy his drugs with checker pieces and mackerel. Thats how they do it in prison.

  • Steve

    How much you want to bet that TNA uses Edge’s legitimate retirement as an angle with Jeff Hardy in TNA? If they do, it will be a new low. And you know what, I’m actually expecting it. Sadly, though, even if they play it up to be real, no one will give a damn.

  • Fatt Hardy

    i agree with themark, jeff needs the money, he can always go to wwe again, but then they will put him in bra an panties matches with pat patterson

  • theMark

    Jeff can’t quit now
    Where’s the gonna get the $$$ to buy all his damn drugs?!?!
    …or maybe he and Matt can start payin in grapes

  • M.C.

    stupid matt. Jeff isn’t good enough to retire, he can only quit at the level he is at

  • Trixie

    So jeff needs back surgery? so he gets more drugs?

  • Gary

    also did matt just say he helped create “cage match, ladder match” maybe TLC but that isnt anything but adding a chair and tables….

  • Gary

    Jeff needs Rehab, and Jail…then and only then will i take anything with Jeff’s name serious

  • venom


    I was thinking the same thing. He doesn’t need retirement, he needs jail. Looks like Matt Hardy + spreading rumors = Fail.

  • number1heel

    Sounds like someone is trying to capitalize on Edge’s retirement.

  • mark

    I think u need to jeff