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Matt Hardy Lashes Out At Fan On Twitter, Knockout Wants To Wrestle, More

— Amidst his thank you messages to friends and family offering their support in recent days, Matt Hardy lashed out at a fan on Twitter who called him a “washed up joke.”

Hardy, whose contract with TNA Wrestling was terminated Saturday immediately following his arrest for driving while impaired, wrote in response, “PLEASE best against me & insult & have fun at my expense-you you’ve never done anything, & never will. While I sit at home with enough money to last 2 lifetimes. SO later, you’re BLIZZACKBALLED!”

— Cookie, who has sparingly competed since joining TNA Wrestling last year, indicated Tuesday on Twitter that she would like to wrestle more frequently for the organization.

A fan asked her if she was ever going to wrestle, to which she replied, “I’ve been wrestling since 2003, just waiting for a shot in TNA!” When asked which Diva or Knockout she would like to face, she exclaimed Winter. “Want a shot at that (Knockouts) title!” she added.

— Angelina Love appears in the upcoming horror film Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back as the character Rosemary Black. She and the film’s cast, which includes Canadian actress Brigitte Kingsley, will be appearing at a public screening this Saturday at The Royal 608 College St. Toronto, Ontario. Event details are available here.

  • venom


    Do you you think stunning your own girlfriend is mature? That more sounds like somebody that should be in jail.

  • venom


    Yea, look how mature your favorite wrestler is. I called you a name that Fatt Hardy called a fan. You got offended. What does BLIZZACKBALLED mean? I mean this is what mature people say, right??

  • Dave

    tyler and venom. I guess you haven’t reached maturity yet.

  • venom


    You are a BLIZZACKBALLED. Fatt Hardy needs to stop eating McDonald’s and Dunkin Dounuts everyday or that money will be gone.

  • Tyler(:

    @Dave LOL shut up, we don’t need to know him personally, he is a jackass through his videos and through his comments, for gods sake he got his brother to taze his girlfriend, real love right there.

    Plus 2 People that have known him personally – Morley and London – They’ve got problems with him.

    So ‘Dave’ STFU and go live in your Hardy fantasy, Matt and Jeff are, and will forever be Jackass washed up no talent pricks.

  • Trixie

    Seriously, whoever invented Twitter should be shot. That whole thing, with everyone airing all their crap every 5 minutes, is so fucking retarded.

  • Dave

    You guys are stupid. You don’t even know the guy personnaly so why judge him? And if you’re gonna insult him on twitter he’s gonna insult you back. Wtf do you expect? Now grow up and get a life.

    MATT HARDY (Leader)




  • CM Mark

    Matt Hardy has the IQ of a 5 year old. Someone get him a spell checker. ^_^

  • Sammo

    Matt Hardy’s biggest fan always has and always will be Matt Hardy.

    He’s become the biggest joke in the industry within the space of a couple of years – he’s started to make even Ultimate Warrior look sane in comparison.

  • elvisD

    @CM PUNKS PROMO, thats mean! you can’t do that, but I call dibs on Matt Hardy, I will Bet you $200.00, you know, the money thats gonna last Matt Hardy 2 lifetimes

  • jeff

    @ Eric Nixon……..your a washed up joke lol….now bash me

  • nick is awsome says:

    blizack balled what the hell is he 15 again.. And enough money to last 2 lifetimes i doubt it vet repairs are expensive and with more and more people getting kicked off welfare the price of perscription drugs will skyrocket on the street and matt hardy will be broke and selling his body within a year

  • Snark Mark

    @Valo487, I agree with the embarrassing aspects of Matt’s last couple of years. But I still remember what a work horse he was on Smackdown not that long ago. Hell, before there was Punk tearing down the 4th wall, there was Matt jumping guardrails to get to Edge. Matt has had a good career, but I’d still love to see him get his life in order and have a final run as a solid performer.

  • Valo487

    But he is a washed up joke. Whatever you think of the talent he had, lately he’s been an embarassment to himself and his employers.

  • Rich

    people do bash matt hardy wayyyyyy too much like damn the guy has had a good career in wwe

  • Eric Nixon

    So Matt Hardy bashed some guy who called him a washed up joke I wonder if he also bashes people for saying that the sky is blue, grass is green and other things that are true.