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– Matt Hardy was interviewed by the Hit The Ropes radio show this week. Here are some highlights:

WWE PG: “I see why they do it; I don’t necessarily agree with it. I think it puts them in a tough spot. I think it’s still cool that TNA has the ability to do things that are a little edgy. But once again, you don’t need people bleeding every match and you don’t need every match to be a ladder match. I think things have to be promoted smart and wisely.”

Starting his own promotion: “I’ve talked with different guys about it already and I’ve definitely started making some small plans and as time goes on they’ll start materializing more and more.”

A possible WWE return: “If I did go back there I would want to go back there and work a part-time schedule. I just think my body, where I’m at right now, I’m past working 300-plus days a year right now… I’d still be willing to work hard and work a majority of the shows but still not just out there in the trenches, day in and day out, like I have been for the past 13 years.”

  • !?

    Umm… didn’t Matt run his own promotion when he was just a teenager? Based on all of this hate, I’m” really starting to think that people are underestimating Matt a little bit as he gets chewed out on everything he says. I’m” not a fan of the guy, but he does make a lot of solid points.

  • adam

    ya once hhh is in charge i really cant see him putting up with jeff’s drug use and matt’s temper tantrum’s. The hole starting his own promotion i dont think it will work out. I mean he has to know wrestling which im sure he does but the schduling that wwe does is so they stay succesfull and popular. Those house shows are also were they test story lines and also do stuff u dont see on tv. So matt would have to be able to set up a schdule see who goes were and in what matches which i dont think he would be able to do. He would also have to keep his ego in check and not put himself in every world title match like jeff jarrett used to do when tna got started.

  • Ronald

    Neither Hardy will ever step foot in a WWE ring again. While I could see Vince bringing them back just to humiliate them, he’s going to be stepping aside soon. Triple H will absolutely not put up with the bull$#*! they bring, so we’ll never see them in a WWE ring ever, ever, ever again. Period.

  • mark

    Agree hes burnt his bridges with WWE. the only would way he could come back is if Jeff comes back with him and reform the hardy boyz. otherwise Vince, dont even bother

  • Eric Nixon

    I have no interest in seeing Matt Hardy in my home via a television screen ever again.

  • Estaban

    Matt a HAS BEEN!… He quit WWE in hope TNA would sign him!. Guess what thats not the case So Hay Ho he’s has to do the next best thing. Beside AFTER the stunt he’s pulled due you think the WWE will re-sign him. My thinks Matts had 1 too many blows to the head!. You just don’t do the EXTREME STUFF HE DID to get release from a contract Jeeeeez 2watt light bulb comes to mind

  • Adrian

    Weird…It wasn’t that long ago, matt was saying “I’m in the best shape of my life” Yada yada…Now he’s saying his body can’t take it, He’s past those days. 😛

    Shame, Matt use to be cool back in the days of Team Xtreme though.

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