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Matt Hardy Posts Video With Disturbing “Goodbye” Message

Matt Hardy uploaded a startling video to his YouTube account this evening titled “Goodbye.” The enclosed message reads:

Goodbye, World …

My time here is

Almost complete …

I only have a few

Hours & minutes …

I loved you all …

Regardless of how

You felt about me…

I’ll miss you all

September 23, 1974 – August 31,2011


  • StudDog

    ^ ^ ^ Yes and so should everyone who made comments like “Go kill yourself Matt” Or “I thought I was going to see a video of hanging himsef”. Those people are alot sicker than he is.

  • venom

    Dude, thisguy needs to be put away in a mental hospital. I know he is acting like a little kid and just looking for attention, but he should still be put away.

  • voice of reason

    why does everybody want hardy dead, he has quite a few mental issues that’s why he is compensating with alcohol & drugs

    but i’d hate for the man to read the comments on this page because there is a massive lynch mob happening here

    but i also think that if he does commit suicide the ownus of his death should be on his shoulder & all the people here aswell for encouraging him to kill himself

    so please give the man a break & encourage him to get the help he surely needs

  • Nick Is Awsome: Dude you seriously need to work on all these hate issues, Maybe try some anger management classes. Of course you know people who hate this much usually have personal problems and really do not like themselves.

  • Liam Catterson

    Matt Hardy is overreacting. Matt grow the f**k up and sop being an immature little brat. Just because you f**ked up your own life doesn’t mean you have to play the sympathy game. What a moron

  • dx

    not funny at all and i love how these are all the same people that 3 for years ago were on the same sites bitching that matt hardy should be wwe champion matt hardy is the most under rated wrestler they have now u laugh and wanna see him dead. its not a joke any more that dude needs some serious help cuz personally id love to see him come back to wrestling

  • mark

    what an idiot i mean seriously. He seriously needs help before its too late. If this is just done for attention seeking, what an prick

  • Robb

    fuck off matt u tit

  • Trixie

    This isn’t funny. And for all you people who were, and are, making fun of Matt Hardy and his craziness, it’s not funny anymore. Suicide threats are not okay. Whether or not he’s trying to be funny or to get attention at this point he needs some serious help.

  • suck matt hardys dick all u fags


  • M-Gryph

    Way to lose the last shred of credibility you have Matt.

  • dgnr83d

    you and youre druggie brother are a complete mess good riddance

  • theMark

    Thank fu*king God!!!
    Finally we can Move on! jus get it the fu*k over with Fat Hardy…guess what….? No One Will Miss YOU.

  • Valo487

    Guys, Matt Hardy would never committ suicide. He would be killing his favorite person. He’s way too in love with himself to take his own life.

  • Splash

    One can only hope that this is true. At least he’ll peak at the end with his best promo.

  • RAMSES 2


  • RAMSES 2

    I used to like matt I thought he had more drive than jeff to wrestle, but now i think he is a dumb hillibillie fat fuck!!!!!!!!!

  • Damien Phoenix

    Joking or not, this isn’t funny

  • adam

    See part of me wants to belive this because as someone who suffered threw that kind of thing before i know how serious it is. But with the other videos matt has posted in the past have all been to build him up or get him exposure its hard to belive him. If it is true someone needs to get him help and if it is real his brother or one of his friends should leave whatever impact thing they are doing and try to get to him before he does anything.

  • Nick Is Awsome

    LOL…I told you he would be reborn again within the week and I told you he thinks he is like Jesus. Where are the two hardy sack suckers that always post on every story of matt hardy calling us all trolls and telling us to rejoice. There half baked hero is on his way out. Just becuse your reborn doesnt change the fact that burned bridges in both wwe and tna and completly lost your dam mind. But anyways if he does die it wont change the fact that he was a douche bag and thought he was better than he really was it just proves how detached he was in life. So let us all rejoice…Oh ya and by the way if he was really going to kill himself he wouldnt have went on youtube giving a couple hour time line because that just gets people to save him. I still hate you hardy and you to studdog i hate you as well

  • Valo487

    He’ll be back tomorrow as “Matthew Hardy” with more of his nonsense.

  • david

    You anti hardy ppl make me sick get over your jealousy you wish you had half the talent they have

  • Edge-3000

    Could you imagine if Matt Hardy really committed suicide? That would be really messed up.

  • starz

    Goodbye matt i wont miss you ……..i hope hes talking about a rebirth here cause if he aint hes lost it

  • Bawb

    If this is a “reborn” thing, I hope he gets committed. This is not shit with which to joke around. It’s actually very scary and sad, and I hope he is lying.

  • CM Mark

    Shana na na, na na na na, well you know how it goes…

  • Daniel

    wow, if by any chance hardy is reading this site, plz dont do anything drastic. You can still get your life in order and find hapiness. There are other things that you can in life other than wrestling. Trust me on this one.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    He has finally lost it completely. Bet this is going to be about him being reborn because Hardy never dies…