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Matt Hardy Quickly Pulls Homophobic Video, TNA Hires Vince Russo’s Son

— Matt Hardy posted a video on YouTube on Tuesday entitled “The NWO Shane Helms.” It was removed within fifteen minutes. According to multiple witness accounts, Hardy appears in the video while a friend of his utters numerous homophobic slurs. TNA Wrestling officials are reportedly aware of its content.

— The son of TNA Wrestling creative writer Vince Russo was recently hired to work for the organization in Nashville, Tennessee in a beginner’s production capacity.

— Last Thursday’s TNA Wrestling live event in Fargo, North Dakota drew 600 fans. Friday’s show in Grand Forks, North Dakota drew 1,000 while Saturday’s event in Bermidji, Minnesota did 1,200.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • slim 2.0

    I’m gay……….

  • Joe Piscapo

    GLAAD got Matt shook lmao.

  • mj

    I don’t care if a person is gay or not thats their business! Not OURS! My cousin is gay and i don’t care im still going to love her no matter what! It doesn’t matter if your gay, bi, transgendered, Be who you want to be! Forget everyone else!

  • Andy

    Man you guys really don’t get it. Sure to you it means nothing. But to someone who might be gay, who is maybe afraid of what people may think because of that – hearing other people refer to something they think is bad or stupid as gay doesn’t really help matters. Why don’t you grow the hell up and learn something about the world? I can’t wait for all the comments to start raining down about how gay I am.

  • E

    Wheres GLAAD when u need them, I really dont like matt hardy I think he should disappear from the public eye and stay hidden.

  • regulator

    @ mj- points for commitment dude.

  • atnavcd

    HIRED RUSSO *clap clap clap clap clap*
    HIRED RUSSO *clap clap clap clap clap*

  • Me

    Cheers for Russo junior!

  • JOE

    @chuva when you mention 2012 are you talking about the presidental election?

  • M.C.

    NOOOOOOOO! GLAAD’s gotten to TNA, too! Damn. Im fine with all people, but still…… & Vince Russo’s son???? How about having his whole damn family come? if its gonna get bad, it should get REALLY bad! hahahahahahha!

  • Chuva

    So a, “homophobic” video eh? So, homophobia or, “Fear Of Homos”? So, this video was him, spouting his “fear” of gay people, or becoming one himself? Or was it just another video/quote, where someone says the word “fag” or called someone “gay”. Great world we live in where “freedom of speech” means, “freedom to say what we let you say”. So sick of this bullshit PC, gay fearing bullshit. Homophobia… which itself is a bullshit term… is really, “Fear of those who have a homosexual lifestyle, banding together, and costing you your job/livelihood, cause you utter the word “gay” or “faggot”, in any situation, cause everyone knows, when you say “man, that was gay”, what you REALLY mean is, “man, I hate all homosexuals, cause they’re all evil and wrong”

    2012 can’t some soon enough.

  • Valo487

    Good grief, one Russo hasn’t done enough damage? Why not just set all Panda Energy’s money on fire now and save him the trouble of writing this crap?

  • Thumper!

    Nice to see there are nice, genuine guys out there like Matt Hardy.

    Matt Hardy can teach this world a thing or two about class acts.

  • mj




    Passes out!