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Former WWE star Matt Hardy announced recently via YouTube that he planned to make several changes in 2011, beginning with a new haircut. He said yesterday on Twitter that he got his hair cut, writing, “Oh my God! My hair looks drastically different.. DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT!! But I love it!!”

He then posted the following image of “a brand new haircut,” but later revealed it to be a red herring and that it was actually his friend Kimo.

Hardy then posted a video on YouTube revealing that he had braided his hair—similarly to WWE star Tyler Reks. He also noted his plans to reincarnate his life both professionally and personally in 2011, and that the change has begun.

0 Matt Hardy Reveals New Hairstyle, Plans To Reincarnate Himself

Hardy said, “In 2009, I was on top of the world. It was truly the greatest year of my life, both personally and professionally. In 2010, it was the furthest thing from that. It was the most terrible year of my life, both personally and professionally. I realized there were outside forces that stripped my passion for the business I grew up loving, professional wrestling. I realized there were outside forces that caused me problems. I realized there were outside forces that made me hate my life day-to-day, that changed me, that turned me into something I wasn’t.

“But in 2011, all that will change. Because in 2011 I will reincarnate my passion for the business. Much like, I will reincarnate Matt Hardy.”

  • aDeiro

    Actually not bad its diffrent, i wanna see it again video is kinda dark.

  • andre lewis

    all im saying is theres no reason to bitch about matt hardy you morons act like he did something to you if anything boo cena or something a guy whos been stale since 2006 being corny an shyt matt may not have had the aura of jeff hardy but he was just as good jeff has no mic skills all he does is fly around the ring nothing more hes not that damn special ppl on here sitting on their fatasses not going no where in life so they pick on a guy whos had it rough thats crazy thats how pathetic and low you jackoffs are

  • andre lewis

    matt wasnt struggling with drugs idiot that was jeff and he is rich being in wwe for 12 and a half yrs come on man you save your money over that period you would be rich plus the hardys were over as hell back in 00 01 so they were getting paid stupidass seriously you ppl are stupid as hell hating on a guy for no reason at all i bet half of you are fatasses who cant even do one pushup or situp liley are fucking virgins bunch of lameass who cant get no goodtime with any chick because youre so pathetic hey damkat how bout you rentyaself a life moron

  • oxslangshoot

    matt hardy wouldn’t have fuck all money, millions no… he would have got maybe 350k a year at most, and he would have spent it on drugs

  • the original me (circa 08)

    what a complete TIT

  • damkat

    Wow Andre is PMSing or something. Matt has no reason to be pissed. He has been a jobber most of his life and made millions doing it. That was his job. Most people do not like him because any of them would love to do his job and make that kind of money,and all he did was bitch about it.

  • Vince

    Tyler Reks is Trending Topic on Twitter !!!

  • Viper

    looks like Tyler Reks lol

  • Me

    He always makes things so over-dramatic like a movie.

  • andre lewis

    wtf unemployement line idiot hes rich the hardy bros are set for life how the fukk is he going to the unemployment line dumbfuck buncha freakin netnerds with no life hating on a guy whos busted his ass 17 yrs have you been on the road 300 days a yr have you been crapped on by wwe management telling you youre not good enough so he has a damn right to be bitter because wwe pissed on him and christian and sum kunt had the nerve to mention cenas status like real fans the attitude post attitude era fans gives a shyt who cares what he does austin alone brought in twice as much dough follow by the rock hbk overrated ass didnt even generate that much dough all he was was flashy spots in the ring cena sucks only little goofy kids like him sostfu about how much money he brings in nobody wants to hear that shyt

  • andre lewis

    you motherfuckers make me sick seriously the guy is trying to reinvent himself after failing so much all these yrs living in his bros shadow he tries to do something different for a change and you idiots bitch about it fuck you and kim nobody givea a damn about cena who gives a crapabout how much money he brings in hes a freakin lameass a sellout puppet who wouldbe nothing if it wasnt for the rapper gimmick im sick of this bs everybody on here is so godamn correct about everything screw you morons

  • Tom

    So Matt will this be the time reinventing yourself actually works?

  • adam

    matt that look does not work for you

  • rick

    Matt Hardy reincarnation plan:

    Step 1- change hairstyle
    Step 2- lose weight
    Step 3- go to tna
    step 4- become a jobber
    step 5- gain weight
    step 6- get fired
    step 7- change hairstyle

  • obsession

    the whole group of em! matt, jeff and helms. fucking losers

  • oxslangshoot

    look at the intelligent matt hardy fans

  • In Grind We Crust

    Charles clearly hates Exhumed.

  • blongguru

    He will maybe win 1 or 2 matches then start jobbing out,tna writers so bad they might bring him in and have him lose right away

  • Charles

    Matt Harvey – HE MUST DIE

  • Eric Nixon

    Bwaahahahahaahaaha. He looks… he… he he…hee haa ha haa haa!!! He looks so stupid! Does Awesome Kong know Matt Hardy has her hair?

  • Ryan

    he needs medication

  • CM Punker

    Matt Hardy is still alive????

  • Kim

    UMMM… what does John Cena have to do with a story about Matt Hardy?
    And why does everything have to turn into an argument about Cena and PG? I am as sick of hearing that as other people are hearing about Matt Hardy. People hating Cena and PG makes about as much sense as people hating the Hardy’s.
    Matt is not wasting your time. No one is making you watch his vidoes and unless you follow him on twitter you won’t hear the stuff.
    I don’t care about Matt’s new hairstyle but I hope he does well in his career.
    As for Cena he is the most popular man in the company and brings in alot of money. He is not going anywhere. I don’t understand why some people have such a hatred for him. He has no bearing on your life. Also I will never understand why people have such a hatred for PG. It makes no sense. It is just wrestling if it upsets you that much then do not watch it. I will never understand why some people get so upset about a tv show and people on it.
    I just get so tired of EVERY post on every site turning into an argument about Cena and PG or WWE and TNA. Anyway that is my rant for today. Thanks for reading.
    But seriously people lighten up it is just wrestling.

  • Rich

    Fuck all you matt hardy haters

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    I am Sorry, Just Venting.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    My prediction for 2011!!?? Some one will kill John Cena in reality!!!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    God Bless…. I hate you all!!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    Mother-Fucking jean Shorts!!!!!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    I am done with McMahon and the FuKKing P. G. Era!!!!!!!!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    You can’t See Me!!! No because I won’t watch you! You Faggott!!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    I am, by god sick and tired of, and highly enoyed with america’s obsession with John “I Know I am Queer” Cena!!!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    go ahead and lick Matt’s buzzed head!! pretended it’s cena’s nut bag!!!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    For Matt’s sake I will state the obvious. You all wish Cena would tuck his Dickin your ass!!!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    I think most of you would agree, if you weren’t so obsessed with sucking John Cena’s PENIIIISSSS!

  • elvisD

    He might as well just cut out a penis into his head, he loves attention, he uses the internet to bitch about his life, struggles and everything, NOBODY CARES!!! Hope you die version one time and you”re done, god you suck

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    I think Matt looks badass!!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    @ Tal its pathetic!!!!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    @Tal.. learn how to spell.

  • Rucdogg

    You know I used to like Matt Hardy, especially the V1 angle, the first one. But what in the hell is wrong with him, when did he turn into such a b@tch? wow

  • Rich

    He Looks Like Tyler Reks..WTF?

  • Starship Pain

    Ha ha ha ha ha even Whoopie Goldberg look meaner than you, Matt.

  • Trixie

    That hair style looks so horrible on him.

  • RAMSES 2


  • carlito

    wow…that shit was not cool. extremely homo.

  • rko

    I see Matt called up Dumpy Kong for Hair Styling tips. He’s gone mad.

  • Dee durp

    I would imagine that most posters dislike the Hardy’s because they’re constantly doing stupid things, not because they’re jealous.

    Stupid things like posting whiny videos on the internet and getting arrested for possession of illegal substances.


  • rosscoa7x

    Matt Hardy Version 2.0, HE WILL NOT DIE! :/

  • CM Mark


  • @TheRealDrake

    Who is wasting your time your the dumb ass who viewed it nobody told you to. And I think you guys are the people with the problems. Just make a reason to hate something or someone. Man people are such jaded haters. And he doesn’t need unemployment he seems to be doing well many that’s why you don’t like him. Also i don’t think Jeff will be going to jail. it seems like you losers are just jealous of the hardys. I hate when people hate on them you guys suck. Thanks and Quote The Raven Nevermore.

  • shawn

    wowee. he got skinny. more BANNANA JUICE Matt? ive been in good shape for a long time and i dont give a damn about being pretentious.
    but i do hope i gain more interest when he actually wrestles.

  • Haylor

    Typical “blame someone or something else” for your OWN problems. Doesnt matter what he plans to do it will not help til he faces the fact the only one to blame is the person in the mirror!! Individually we control our OWN destiny. Man up, Grow up or stop wasting OUR time.

  • Tal

    He is an idiot… So phatatic

  • theMark

    What a douche.
    He’ll reincarnate himself to the unemployment line or better yet…a jail cell with Jeff

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