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Matt Hardy Talks Possibly Joining WWE Hall Of Fame, Negative TNA News, A ‘New Beginning’

Former WWE Superstar and current TNA Star ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy was recently interviewed by USA Today. Here are the highlights:

On TNA’s recent troubles and ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy really breaking out:

“I feel like the broken universe and my broken brilliance have really stood out in Impact Wrestling and kept it alive when there has been so much negative news. And going forward, after this match, I am willing to infuse my broken brilliance even more in Impact Wrestling. The new majority owner that has come aboard, Anthem Sports, are the people who have allowed me to do this entire show — the entire two hours from my compound, Total Nonstop Deletion.

“I think this will be a new beginning and not just something where people say it’s a new beginning. I actually do think it will be a new beginning. A lot of things from the old Impact Wrestling are going to change. It’s something that was needed. In 2017, there will be a fresh start and they will help take Impact Wrestling into a new direction — not only where it can thrive, but where it can realize its full potential.”

On possibly being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame:

“Anything is possible. My contract is up toward the end of February. Right now, if all things work out and I get my way, I want to play a bigger part and be instrumental in helping Impact Wrestling reach its fullest potential. That is the most paramount thing to me and all important. The Hall of Fame and this Meekmahan stuff, that is not something that is vital to me. If it happens later on, it happens.”

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I have to disagree on that part as well. It has definitely taken away from his star power, same with multiple wrestlers. The guy showed up, high AF, for a PPV. I’m sure he’s still “worth” big bucks, but there’s no way he’s worth as much as he was or seen as reliable, either. And you also have to take into affect, of the talent WWE has at this time. With NXT and the main roster. Either of Hardys wouldn’t really gain the WWE much money/notoriety. I guarantee, the WWE universe would rather have; Rollins, Owens, Joe or Roode more than either Hardy.

  • PJ

    He’s been sober for a long time now and drugs or not it doesn’t take from his star power

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I can’t nesseacarily agree to that. At one point a long time ago I could. But with Jeffs continuos drug use/problems, I don’t think Jeff is as high as he used to be. I’m sure he’s seen as more of a liability now imo.

  • JC Bolden

    I love how all of his interviews are in character lol

  • PJ

    Guarantee u regardless of what Matt does Jeff is always gonna be the star,when they return to WWE Jeffs gonna be the one to get the major pop.I see what ur sayin but Matts like a big fish in a little pond,Jeff is a shark everywhere

  • MrDr3w

    Only in terms of monetary figures. Jeff gets all the kids. Jeff gets all the fun, colorful merch. But in terms of generating buzz and influence within the media and the wrestling community, I think Matt has it there. The last time I remember Jeff being a big deal was when he showed up to work wasted. Ever since then, he’s just been meh.

  • PJ

    It may “seem” that way…but he’s not

  • MrDr3w

    I never thought I’d be saying this, but I enjoy watching Matt more than Jeff now, and it certainly seems like he’s the bigger star than Jeff now.

  • M

    Alone, probably not. Definitely as a tag team with Jeff.