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Matt Hardy To Undergo Back Surgery, Discusses His Future In Pro Wrestling

Matt Hardy appeared on Busted Open, which airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Sirius 92 and XM 208 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

His future in wrestling: “I think there is a future for me in wrestling in some capacity. I have such a new outlook on life after going through such a crazy period, I’ve kind of had a reprieve for a while. At some point I had to face everything and change my life, and I have, and I feel good about where I’m at right now. Wrestling is in me, its in my blood and I think I’ll always be in wrestling in some shape or form. Basically I chalk it up to this, I kind of let God lead me where I’m going to go. After I have back surgery, we’ll see where I stand physically and from that point on I’ll kind of see where the wave takes me.”

If he has used social media in the right way: “There are times when I have, and there are times I’ve used it in the wrong way as well. I feel like I was one of the original guys to take social networking and promoted themselves. Under WWE and I know from being around there a long time, stemming from Vince McMahon and going all the way down, they’ve always wanted control of everything they have, and it’s hard to do that with Twitter or YouTube cause it’s something that you have to go hand in hand with and work with the company. But now they realize its huge deals now and there is money to be made and there is promotion that comes from it, so it’s great that they have embraced it now. But as far as I go there has been a lot of people who tie me in as “The Internet Guy” or “the social media guy” and that’s cool because I do dig that stuff.

Whether he should take a break from social media: “I did for a while but now that I’m here and I’m me, I like getting messages out. There is a lot of people just from Twitter that say “because of this, you’ve been through this and overcame it and you’re doing better and you’re really inspiring me.” There is people out there that I know I can help and touch. That’s one of my main reasons for ever wanting to get into wrestling because I can inspire and help other people. Just being able to do that is important to me. I dig communicating with people and I try to respond to as many fans as I can when I can. It’s just a part of my lifestyle and it’s something I enjoy and I’m really into doing things I enjoy and that is healthy for me.”

The Undertaker’s streak: “To me I don’t think the streak should ever end. I don’t think anyone is going to become a bigger star because they beat the Undertaker. I mean they would become a bigger star but I don’t think its worth sacrificing the streak. I think the streak is as big of an attraction at Wrestlemania as the world title match is. To me when you think of someone as 20-0, that’s almost more important than the world title.

“It almost overshadows everything else. People buy Wrestlemania to see if the streak is going to end. People also buy Wrestlemania to see the Undertaker continue the streak. So to me I don’t think it should end, especially because he is getting towards the end of his career. I have never had more respect for someone in the wrestling business than him. If they were going to try to do it, it would have to be someone that is already over almost on the main event level, almost a new guy that has five, seven, or ten years left in him and I don’t see anyone like that right now.”

The rigors of a full time schedule: “The schedule is very brutal and very tough and you’re obviously beating up and destroying your body. As far as what other people do, it’s not my business to put anyone else’s business out there. But it is a tough gig. The one thing I would say is what I would love to see change in the wrestling business is to just have an off season, because I think guys need time off to heal. I think that would really help slow down the injury process, because once your hurt if you’re on a WWE schedule the only time you get off is if you have surgery.

“Not only do they want you to work, but the mentality is if you can work, you do work. I think that’s stuck in the old ages. I think they have to get a point where guys are given time off or are forced to take time off. I know that it’s hard because there is not a lot of star power out there right now and they need everyone they can. It’s just hard on your body and it’s a physically demanding business. When you get into it you know that so it’s a tough gig.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    At this point, the streak will NEVER die 🙂

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    I agree with him about the streak. There really is nobody worthy of ending it. It would be a great way to put over a young guy, but they could never live up to the expectations that would come with it.

  • venom


    Do realize the Hardy’s were bashing their fans through youtube? Yes, they are getting better but nobody knows how long they will stay clean. People were disliking The Hardys because they are immature. I am willing to give them a second chance, but not everybody is.

  • kamala’s foot

    I hope they cut the fat out of him.

  • JIR

    Don’t hate the Hardy’s or Helms they are just expressing themselves like we all are the problem I have with them is based on the actions committed by them outside the ring. They remind me of Lebron James all the potential in the World going to waist

  • Devil_Rising

    People who have hated on Matt, or Jeff, or even Gregory Helms, have some real problems. Yes, I’ve criticized Jeff myself, but not as a person. I think that all three are great people, I just think they’ve had issues, and maybe they’re not the best at dealing with them. We all know people who have problems like these guys have had, it’s just that these guys have their problems under a public microscope because they’re famous.

    I’ve criticized Jeff because I didn’t think, with his attitude and persistent problems, that he didn’t deserve the main event push WWE gave him. I always thought someone else, even Matt, was more deserving. But I still like Jeff, just as much as Matt. And Matt Hardy deserves to be recognized for what he is: One of the best wrestlers of all time. Is he Ric Flair or Dusty Rhodes or Undertaker or Hulk Hogan? No. But he IS one of the most successful tag team wrestlers in history, he had a long, fruitful run in the WWE for a good decade or so. He had more success in his career than most wrestlers ever achieve. Plus, he trained Jeff Hardy, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, etc. For that alone, he should be remembered.

    His in-ring career might be over, especially with back surgery. But he absolutely should stay in the business, maybe open up a wrestling school, and help teach the next generation, both how to wrestle, and how not to make some of the life choices he and his brother have made.

  • Bawb

    Agreed. I enjoyed reading this and I hope he continues this optimistic outlook and path. However, I don’t quite see how Undertaker’s streak fits into this interview…

  • CC

    This all sounds very positive for Matt. He seems to be quite rational these days, and accepting of his past issues rather than denying them.