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Matt Hardy’s DWI Police Report Now Online: Disturbing Details

As reported earlier, former WWE and TNA wrestler Matt Hardy was arrested at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport once again this week in North Carolina and charged with DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). has published the police report from Matt Hardy’s arrest and the details are disturbing to say the least.

Matt Hardy was at the airport on Monday afternoon when police received several phone calls from concerned drivers who said Matt’s car “almost hit two drivers three separate times.”

When an airport police officer spotted Hardy, the wrestler’s car, “swerved into the curb and then back onto the road.”

Once Hardy was pulled over, the officer claims Hardy was asked to step out of the vehicle. Matt proceeded to open his door and get out of the car – without putting the car in park. The police report reads, “The vehicle rolled forward and I yelled for him to put the vehicle in park.”

Matt Hardy was observed to have “slow and slurred speech, sleepy eyes and a very lackadaisical demeanor.”

Hardy was asked to walk in a straight line but – “after taking two steps, Mr. Hardy lost his balance and failed to stay on the line.” He was given a second chance but only made it “two or three steps” before failing to remain “heel-to-toe” and lost his balance again. Hardy took another field sobriety test where he had to stand on one leg. “He was unable to hold his leg up past 1 second.”

Hardy took a breathalyzer test – which showed that he had zero alcohol in his system.

Cops then called in a “Drug Recognition Officer” to perform even more tests – and they determined Hardy was under the influence of “Central Nervous System depressants” and arrested him on the spot. Hardy’s blood was taken for drug testing – and those results are not in as of this writing.

Hardy is due back in court [for this offense] on November 30th.

Shortly after the arrest, Matt Hardy’s girlfriend Reby Sky tweeted, “F*ck this.”

  • jacksonjons

    Does Fatt hardy think its cool to drink drive? i dont think ryan does does

  • venom

    Wow, this is crazy.

  • Logan

    WTF the hell is going with the Hardy Boyz I looked up to them and they are part of the reason of why I’m training to wrestle. Just stay at home for awhile, play some GTA (since getting arrested in a game won’t be a big deal), meditate, get your shit straight then come back.

  • Will Henderson

    i wonder if Matt’s words are gonna eat him. remember a long time ago where he said to Egde that he “hope he dies in a car accident”. well i bet Matt will end up killing himself in a DUI related multi-car pileup on a highway that he caused while driving under the influence of some drug or booze.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    And we all thought Jeff was the screw up… I’m not one to wish someone dead but the path hes going down, he will be 6ft under sooner than later. If that BS about him turning around is true he would take that rehab thing WWE offers.

  • Trixie

    matt hardy is such and idiot. And I’m with you Matt^^ (comment up above), every time I see his name now I get a little scared that it’s an announcment that he has passed away from something–suicide, drunk driving, whatever.

  • vide

    I remember his first arrest, ppl were like oh forgive him, I was like no!, he is a grown man and should take responsibility. Matt, who is framing u now huh..tell it the government, terrorists or wwe. Should we call the scooby doo detective agency to figure this out. Or maybe it was aliens…God knows that the police have nothing to do with their time but frame u…or maybe ur body was matt, u took drugs and drove..simple as that

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    It’s not unbelievable to see a Hardy fuck up and be on the verge of death. What’s hard to believe is that it’s NOT Jeff, for once. Matt, get your shit together, man. This is Scott Hall-type behavior. And I’m not making fun of Hall. It’s sad.

  • ##

    I’ll gladly be Reby’s rebound.

  • Effmenow

    This dude is gunna kill himself. I’m done defending him.

  • Nick Is Awsome

    But he was framed. mathew hardy put those drugs in matt hardys system. The funny part about this whole story after the fact that he is clearly full of shit and his genesis was a big fraud is that reby tweeted fuck this. Both of them are attention whores clearly he is ending up a public service nightmare for her career. I have said this for years matt hardy thinks he is smarter than everyone else like he can do whatever he wants the only thing that would have made this better is if they would have tazed his ass and had it on video i can see it now he starts charging the police making the V.1 symbos with his fingers and takes a tazer wire to the neck would have loved it

  • Matt

    Hopefully, she leaves him. She deserves so much better but, at the same time, Reby might be the only thing keeping Matt alive right now.

    Everytime I see Matt Hardy’s name on this site, even though he’s done too much for me to still be a fan, I’m scared to death the guy’s dead.