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Matt Hardy’s Girlfriend Reby Sky Arrested For Reckless Driving

Rebecca Reyes (a/k/a Reby Sky), the 25-year-old girlfriend of Matt Hardy, was recently arrested and charged with reckless driving, reckless endangering, and speeding charges.

Reyes, who hosts Lucha Libre USA on MTV2, is scheduled to appear in court on November 2 in Carthage, North Carolina.

This is not the former Playboy model’s first run-in with the law as in 2008, she was sentenced to 12 months’ probation, a $500 fine and 48 hours of community service after resisting arrest when she was pulled over for a broken tail light in December 2007 in Tampa, Florida. While the officer was writing her ticket, Reyes got out of her truck, and refused to get back in when asked, instead allegedly accosting the officer who had pulled her over and another that had arrived on the scene. When Reyes attempted to turn the confrontation physical, she was thrown to the ground and arrested.

source: Wrestling Globe Newsletter

  • venom

    The sad thing about this is matt is probably going to serve a full sentence when his court date comes up. This will really prove he wasn’t as good as his brother Jeff.

  • ironcross

    How do you know jeff has his shit together, just because he isn’t getting caught at this moment dont mean he isn’t pumping shit loads of drugs into himself

  • I wonder if this is legit or if it’s just a ploy to sway favor with the judge in court?

    Well, either way, maybe once he gets into rehab (for whatever reason) then maybe he’ll get his head clear for long enough to realize that rehab is the best place for him after all.

  • voice of reason

    couldnt agree more sarah m i couldnt agree more if matt was the one to hold things together as a kid over the years it would have taken it’s toll & now he has self imploded & is suffering from depression so to counteract his demons he is self medicating with alcohol & drugs instead of getting the professional help he needs.

    i believe in second chances & matt needs a second chance.

    he has fallen to the bottom of the pit in life but thats good because the only way he can go is up matt is a hard worker & he’ll work hard to redeem himself i wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.

  • Nick Is Awsome

    She was trying to run over matt hardy they were fighting over who ate the last shroom and she got pissed and chased matt with her car

  • Raziel

    Jeff’s wife Beth is the only one close to them that has not been corrupted.

  • KitKrock

    Why isn’t Matt Hardy dead yet?

  • BlahH

    Lucha Libre USA on MTV2
    when does it come on????

  • Trixie

    well, from what i’ve heard and read about them they do seem like white trash.

  • Elizabeth

    Sounds like a bunch of dumbasses to me,Lots better be glad she got out.

  • Valo487

    It must be contagious.

  • Sarah M

    Matt Hardy obviously has some mental health issues, and needs some professional help. I believe that after being let go from the WWE that he experienced some sort of crisis of the psyche and perhaps had a nervous breakdown and is dealing with post-traumatic psychosis. He is self medicating with alcohol (and who knows what else) and his GF is probably codependent hence why they seem like birds of a feather. It is sad that Jeff looks “stable” compared to Matt right now, but understanding their history, and what they have been through in their rough childhood, it is no surprise. Matt was the one who had to keep everything together for the benefit of his brother, and he got to the point now where it became too much and he imploded… However, I do not know the man or any of his family, only what I have seen over the past 15 years in television programs, books, interviews, etc. He could easily be creating this character as a means of gaining fans. Many wrestlers have disappeared into their characters, and that could be what has happened in this case. However, not very many have been able to reappear when encompassed in their character so deeply (Ultimate Warrior for example). I wish him the best and pray that he will, if he is actually mentall ill, get the help that he needs.

  • breezy

    I think the cops are just fucking with them on purpose

  • Stro

    I’m just gonna refer to these incidents as “The Hardy Effect”. Everyone involved with them at the moment ends up dealing with the police.

  • @David

    How can I be racist against Reby and Matt hardy if I myself am white?

    Also, What DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling said!

  • The Fork on the left

    Runs in the family 😛

  • Tommy

    Matt Hardy + Reby Sky are even more stupid than Charlie Sheen.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    David you fail on such a high level right now… White trash is not a race, white trash is a type of person who is a)stupid and ignorant or b)poor people who live in a trailer park spending money on nice things instead of essentials and rent. Matt has been the pure definition of stupid and ignorant lately so he definitely falls in the category.

  • mark

    the hits just keep on coming

  • theMark

    Breaking News: Fat Hardy and Reby ‘the Skank’ Sky finally got their act together… slittin each other’s throats.

  • queso

    I agree with Rick

  • David

    rick gilbert you are a racist piece of trash.

  • dave s

    This is fucking awesome – man, you don’t even have to BE a Hardy to suffer from their nonsense…watching Matt’s video coming out of hospital, I thought “if they’re letting him go, that’s no hospital…”. His eyes are well off – he should NOT be allowed near a video camera…ever…again.

  • Ron

    I wouldn’t exactly say that Jeff has his shit together yet..

  • JipC

    Funny how Jeff Hardy is the only one with his shit together at the moment. Matt and Reby deserve each Real Talk: These people need to stop clowning around get their lives straight.

  • Reby and Matt= Birds of a feather.

    In other words this sounds like “white trash” doing what white trash does.