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  • JOE

    this is a message to everybody who makes fat matt hardy jokes ok if you dont have the body of a model you have NO BUSSINESS talking about how fat someone is and to be honest with uou its real sad that people feel so insecure that they have to make fun of someones weight and hes not even that fat trust me ive bigger people than matt hardy

  • adam

    Ya he looks out of shape they should of waited until he got back in shape to bring him in. Then they could bring him in with the group against jeff but wait no that would make matt cry because he has to work against his brother and he cant do that. He used to be pretty good back in the V1 days when he was cruiserweight champ and us champ for a lil while kinda shocking to remember he used to be the cruiserweight champion. Jeff made the hardys but not because he is that good on the mic or in the ring either he just takes all the crazy bumps and spots. Honestly what val said was right neither of them are that good at wrestling. Jeff just now is getting better at cutting promos after very long of him cutting promos like tongiht im going to be in a LADDER match and it will be for the world HEAVYWEIGHTG title. but matt he has always been bad in the mic and his rings skills which were what made him bareble have dissapeared i mean i will not see he was ever the best wrestler but he was good enough. The best person to come out of there lil omega thing was gregory helms.

  • Treg

    Geez.. I thought he was out of shape before, but now..

  • RAMSES 2


  • elvisD

    I think his hair makes him look fat, no nevermind his fat a$$ makes his a$$ look big, god you suck hardy, stay home, workout, reinvent yourself, make yourself useful, god I feel like all I do is b!tch about Hardy, which I do but he is horrible, and I will sh!t on him forever until he dies, which his career will soon enough, I don’t need a crystal ball to tell me that, now its just the waiting game

  • No he isnt

    Ok if you think Matt is a fatty, then also you should be mocking James Storm, he is much fatter that matt.

  • Kim

    He doesen’t look fat to me. He looks like he lost some weight. Although I think his hair looks stupid like that.

  • Tie Guy

    Bottom line. Matt is Fat. Not ‘Phat’. And that’s coming from someone who has a job AND works out. He’s fat and LAME. Ever watch his lame videos where he drones on and on and on?? There’s a reason he didn’t get much mic time in WWE. Put down the flip cam and pick up a weight. PS, without Jeff, there’s no Matt.

  • cena approved

    3 “of” the posters

  • cena approved

    @Rich, i feel you on that one. Seriously how is he fat? i dont see a gut, hes not as thick as mvp yet mvp’s not fat? lol considering 3 the posters are new trolls. yeah hardy’s bank account is fat huh?

  • Rich

    I find it funny that everyone talks about a pro wrestler who ACTUALLY WORKS while they sit there obese fat asses at the computer desk and judge a man who’s quite frankly been shitted on by the very organization he’s entertained in for years

  • Adam

    If this was ROH, they would not have any interest in Matt Hardy in the shape he’s in. WWE lost interest in him. If Matt Hardy was a fighter in UFC, Dana White would send him home in the shape that he’s in. Dixie Carter is the worst promoter in wrestling for bringing Matt back instead of sending him home and giving him a chance to work off the gut and actually reinvent himself.

  • In Grind We Crust

    christ he looks fatter than ever.

  • Adam

    LMAO! Tyler Reks trended on Twitter and Matt Hardy didn’t. He does look like Tyler Reks, only that he’s fat. Damn, Matt has become damaged goods.

  • justin bieber

    man matt looks fucking chubby here