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Former TUF contestant and NFLer Matt Mitrione will return to action at UFC Fight For The Troops 2 against the Canadian-born Tim Hague as recently reported. Mitrione gave his insight on how his experience in the NFL and how watching game tapes has helped him while watching fight tapes of his opponents:

“I’ve played football for so long, I know how to watch film. I know what I’m looking for. I see tells. I pick up on things. Actually, as a matter of fact, three days ago I had my eureka moment for Tim, where I finally understood exactly how to beat Tim. This really is make or break for Tim and for myself, actually, too. There’s a good chance that if he doesn’t come out and put on a hell of a show and win, he might not ever be brought back. So I’m expecting the best Tim that’s ever come around. I expect a guy who’s in really good shape. I’m at the point now where I’m like 274 pounds. I’m huge and I’m probably 8 percent body fat. I’m lean and I’m ready to go. I’m full of power, full of cardio and I’m ready to let this thing fly.”

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