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Matt Morgan Continues to Tease WWE Return

Matt Morgan continues to hint on his Twitter account of the possibilities of a WWE return.

When asked by a fan on Twitter when he would be back on Impact Wrestling, Morgan replied, “id say somewhere in between NEVER and EVER. Appreciate ur support though!”

When he was later asked if would be returning to WWE, Morgan wrote, “Tick-Tock…..”

  • JohnCena33


  • Davey Zoo

    Ompa lompa doopa ding, I never want to see him in a wwe ring.

  • adam

    there probably waiting until the whole lawsuit thing is done then he will debut for wwe.

  • scooter

    Honestly I think wrestling should have people of all shapes and sizes, with different characters and unique styles my problem with certain guys on the indys is so many people wants to imitate instead of innovate and it comes off unrealistic. Davey Richards is the ultimate example in my opinion Danielson leaves and all of a sudden he’s the best in the world and the American dragon I mean wolf sorry. Where as there is a plethora of unique talented wrestlers out there like Generico, Steen, Eddie Kingston, Super Dragon, Super smash Brothers, Colt Cabana. Now look at all those guys each a different shape and size, each works differently from the other and each a different character.

  • philly655

    Savage???… more like Soggy… fuck off ya wet blanket mamas boy, get back 2 ur paperround pussyhole

  • Tombstone

    Comment was intended for the dumbass who posted at 12:57

  • Tombstone

    Loser: Someone who has nothing better to do in life than make up ignorant insults about other people while hiding behind a computer screen.

    And brother we all know you aint had pussy since pussy had you.

  • man i feel sorry for this worthless group of losers

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  • Bawb


    I don’t disagree with you that much. He’s pretty much a big guy with muscles and tats. Nothing unique or positively gimmicky about that.


    I like indy wrestlers, but they have a completely different style of wrestling that I’m not too keen on watching. It’s more high flying, which I’m fine with, but that’s their deal with the heavyweights. I would sign an Austin/Rock/HHH type of build and charisma. I haven’t seen many like those in a while. Orton and Cena, yes, but they are becoming stale.

  • get a life better yet get some pussy u guys r lame

  • scooter

    So who would YOU sign?
    -waits for some overrated indy wrestler- Okay I’m waiting on Davey Richards.

  • Devil_Rising

    Just what WWE needs. Another big, slow, talentless muscle-guy.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    ^ He was part of team Lesnar a few years back in that Survivor Series team which was full of huge wrestlers if anyone remembers. Maybe he could be brought in as a henchman to cut back Lesnars dates for later this year and early next year. Unlikely but just a thought.

  • ant

    matt morgans an okay wrestler for his size so i wouldnt mind him being pushed if he does come to wwe he’ll probably feud with someone like big show or mark henry or kane or someone else i mean me personally i would rather see him as a face than a dominating heel just because we already have show in that role but u never know what wwes creative team is thinking nowadays

  • SYM

    So lemme get this Straight he teases hes in the Dark Knight Rises with the photo, now hes apparently doing a song with Ke$ha hence “Tick Tock” O_O

  • MaNic

    iiiiitttttttttttt tttttttttttt ddaaaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dosssssesn’ttttttt maaat maa aaaaahh tttter iiiff ifffff ffffff faaa fff hheeee heeeeee heeee eeeee returnnns oorr rrrrrrr nnnaaaa nnnootttt