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Matt Morgan Drops TNA Name from His Twitter Handle

Matt Morgan has changed his Twitter handle from @Tnamattmorgan to @BPMattMorgan.

A fan asked Morgan if he was WWE bound, to which he replied, “isnt obvious I’m not allowed to say by now? Lol”

Another fan wrote that they can’t wait to see him win the WWE Championship, to which Morgan wrote, “well have to wait&see! Very excited either way.”

When asked if his new Twitter handle was a sign of a new direction, Morgan replied, “‘direction’? Sure. NORTH.”

  • Gene

    Anyone remember “Big Studdering John” that was his name last time he was in WWE.

  • The Awesome One

    BP as in Boston Pizza LOL?

  • scooter

    Morgan is awesome but he’s a bit like Jeff Hardy or Ken Anderson. Fantastic with the right opponent, terrible with the wrong one. I think his best stuff is with smaller guys personally so I’d love to see him and Bryan as I’ve always Bryan works well with big guys. dating back to his stuff with morishima in ROH. Then his stuff with Show Henry and Sheamus was all certainly worth watching.

  • rko

    I hope the wwe doesn’t F up Morgan’s run with the company this time around. Morgan vs Sheamus. Brogue kick vs Carbon Foot Print. Book it.