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Could Matt Morgan Return to WWE Soon?, Dates with TNA Reportedly Used Up

– There’s speculation that Matt Morgan may return to WWE now that his contracted dates with TNA have reportedly ran out. Morgan’s contract doesn’t expire until October but word is that he becomes a free agent if TNA uses up all his dates.

Morgan said in a recent interview that he’s loyal to TNA but WWE has expressed interest in bringing him back and there could be circumstances that lead him back.

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  • Straight-edge

    @SpudimusPrime89 who cares what his record is. did you see his fights i did and he got his ass beat a lot. he was a joke in ufc. joke in the nfl. was great in wwe. but he left came back and yet again became a joke.

  • JohnCena33

    WTF, Matt Morgan was in WWE?!?!?!?!!?

  • Eve’s left nipple

    It would make sense for WWE to bring Morgan in, Even though it’s obvious this Big Show being fired storyline is just a work you can see Big Show doesn’t have many years left. Morgan would be a good big man replacement…Its not as if there are many giants around with the skills he has. You only have to look at Eli Cottonwood…

  • CC

    TNA can keep him. WWE already has enough crappy big men who cant wrestle.

  • voice of reason

    heres is idea get lesner, matt morgan & paul heyman as their manager & call them team destruction

  • Bill

    Turn Big Show heel & you essentially have the return of Team Lesnar with Morgan, Heyman, Show, & obviously Lesnar.

  • Shoe Horn

    He’ll just be another win for Super Cena. Morgan will beat him the whole match, Cena will pull off his two moves and win. Wanna know how I know this? …it’s how Cena wins EVERY match!

  • adam

    If they let him use the hellevator again that would be awesome. Because he cant use hte carbon footprint thats sheamus move now.

  • poko

    Morgan isn’t bad, but he isn’t that great, either. I don’t know what the WWE would do with him, except give him a great run for about 2 months, then have him job to Brodus Clay or Santino after that. They really have more talent than they use, as it is.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Whoops, it’s 5-3, read the wrong number. Still, my point stands.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    @Straight-Edge, Lesnar’s MMA Win/Loss record is 8-3. That doesn’t look like getting “his ass beat more then anything” to me.

  • voice of reason

    sorry my keyboard just sucks i didn’t mean “me” at the start of my post i meant “time” sorry my bad.

  • voice of reason

    me is such a great thing if matt was crap years ago he’s had time to practice & get better so i ay bring him in to the wwe & let’s see how he goes.

  • Straight-edge

    well they need to show the real brock lesnar how not to be a complete idiot so that would be a good reason to bring a 2nd rate one in. however in no way is mat morgan anything like brock. why does wwe make it look like a big deal brock was in the ufc who cars he didnt do well at all he got his ass beat more then anything. he was nothing like the fighter ken shamrock was when he left the ufc for wwe he wasnt knowen as the ass kicker when he was much more of an ass kicker then lesner will ever be

  • Gorilla

    WWE already got the real Brock Lesnar so why pay for the 2nd rate one now….but on a serious level if Matt wants a pay raise a World Heaveyweight Title run and a possible match at Mania and compete in a ring where a who’s who list has competed ….then Matt come home.

  • reverse prince albert

    MM is shit.. stay in india

  • Mark

    bring him back to feud with big show

  • adam

    He has improved since being in tna so it should be intresting to see IF he comes back to wwe. As long as he doesnt get stuck with that stupid stuttering gimmik again i can see him being a good addition to there roster. I mean it can’t be any worse then Tensai. Unless they try to see morgan as a luchador.

  • GM

    He was entertaining as a heel in tna. Bring him in!

  • Straight-edge

    no wwe could use him. a big guy with skill can be on tv instead of a big guy with no skill forced to us like lord fatsai

  • Bawb

    I just don’t see him bringing anything new to the table. He’s a big tattooed guy, nothing we haven’t seen in this era of wrestling.

  • DJK

    It would be good for his bank account but he will probably be a jobber for a year.

  • Aaron

    No WWE has plenty of talent right now, instead of this vanilla pudding of progressional wrestling. There is a reason why he didn’t make it in the wwe to begin with.

  • JIR

    Well if its true good for him everyone could use a pay raise nowadays