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Matt Morgan Says He’s Never Returning To TNA, TNA Removes Velvet Sky Photos, More

– Matt Morgan continues to suggest via Twitter that he will not return to TNA Wrestling after reportedly fulfilling his contractual obligations with the organization last month. When asked when he will return to Impact Wrestling, he replied, “I’d say somewhere in between NEVER and EVER.” He then responded “sooner vs. later” in regards to appearing on any television show again. In response to a potential return to WWE, he once again wrote, “Tick-Tock…..”

– Lending credence to rumors of Velvet Sky’s apparent departure from TNA Wrestling, all references to the popular female grappler have been removed from the company website’s Knockouts photo gallery page. Her profile was removed from their roster index Wednesday but returned later after news of the edit surfaced online. She is advertised to appear on iPPV for Pro Wrestling Syndicate on September 14, which would indicate that she is no longer affiliated with TNA since contracted talent are prohibited from appearing on broadcasts for other wrestling organizations.

– None of the wrestlers used in the X Division Tournament to determine a new TNA X Division Champion have reappeared since Destination X. According to the Wrestling Observer, their status currently remains uncertain.

– Former TNA star Murphy turns 38 years old Wednesday.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    I wouldn’t be suprised if this isn’t a work and he’s the one behind the Ace’s and 8’s. The storyline writes itself, I’ve been held back, Im here to make a impact, These are my trusted henchmen etc.

  • poko

    I won’t miss Morgan on TNA much, and I honestly think his style fits in better with the WWE, but losing Velvet is kind of a shame. She wasn’t very good in the ring, but she had a good look, and she was very good as a heel. Honestly, her BP run was WAY better than her singles run.

    She was probably fit in well with the WWE, too. Her skills aren’t fantastic, but they’re much better than most of the Divas roster. She’s definitely hot enough. It’s just too bad that they’d make her cover up a lot more.

  • scooter

    Honesly the amount he’s hinting at it makes me think he’s not going the E tend to like to keep things like that under wraps.

  • nikki get a life its just pro wrestling dont worry about it
    dont waste your time u weird fuck

  • nikki

    Morgan will go where the money is….if its wwe..he will go there have one high profile sent to superstars and then released…and he will be back on impact saying how much he LOVES TNA

  • SYM

    I do recall Morgan saying he’d never Return to WWE and look he’s kissing that Ass again. As for Velvet ok we get it shes gone from TNA boohoo now the Internet Wrestling Idiots like ant can speculate on her going to Entertainment Wrestling where she’ll get a 6 second match.