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Matt Striker Reacts, Apparent Photo of Punk Blading, Savage Fan

– Matt Striker wrote the following on Twitter last night after General Manager AJ Lee acted like she didn’t know who he was on RAW:

“I can understand pressure getting to AJ- She has things on her mind other than me. Id rather be forgotten on earth and remembered in heaven.”

Striker also responded to The Miz being chosen for commentary alongside Michael Cole:

“I support Miz. We r a family here at WWE. Cream rises to the top n Im a patient man. Ill do my best to get on #Raw.”

– Regarding CM Punk and last week’s RAW, the following photo has surfaced online of Punk appearing to use the blade to cut his head open. You can click to enlarge. Thanks to Mikel for sending it in:

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– After the dark main event at last night’s RAW in Chicago, John Cena brought a fan in the ring that always shows up dressed as “Macho Man” Randy Savage. The fan was allowed to pose in the ring and hit the turnbuckles while Cena and other babyfaces looked on.


    With so many pixels how can you tell?

  • The_electrifying_one

    I think I’m coming from a similar veiw point as you @Bill. Punk bleeding made the match seem more believable from my point of view. Not that I am an advocate of lots of blood all the time. But sometimes it can help a match along.

  • Tombstone

    You do know that was all part of the show dont you?

  • Bill

    Who cares? I loved that Punk bled last week, not to sound sick or anything.

  • Bobobobobo

    I think it’s really dumb how AJ doesn’t know who Matt Striker is. First of all she’s supposed to be the GM and secondly they spent months together on a season of NXT… Just saying

  • KingAblert

    Lol it’s not a pic of him blading. Pathetic.

  • Austin

    He was bleeding before that shot: