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Maxine Looking Forward To Upcoming Roster Changes, Booker T Heading To Brazil

— With WrestleMania XXVIII in the books, numerous roster changes are expected to commence in the ensuing months. Jim Ross says this is the case as “several” WWE developmental wrestlers will surface on the main roster in the near future. He wrote Thursday on his official website, “Several FCW talents are either being introduced or on the cusp of such on a WWE roster. Expect to see several new personas in the coming weeks on Raw & Smackdown. Congrats to all who’ve earned an opportunity,”

NXT star Maxine is looking forward to the company’s annual post-WrestleMania roster shuffle, which will likely result in numerous longtime wrestlers being let go to make room for the incoming faces. She wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, “Wrestlemania is now over…time for a change out with the old in with the new…hmmm Im sure I should be on that list..”

— is advertising Booker T for the Raw brand’s tour of Brazil next month.

— is advertising Alberto Del Rio for all SmackDown events in May with the exception of the Mexican tour.

— The advertised main event for the June 16 WWE SuperShow at the Tsongas Center Lowell, Massachusetts is CM Punk, John Cena and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan, Kane and Mark Henry.

  • StocktonJoe

    I don’t see any “out with old in with the new” movement in WWE right now. Certainly there wasn’t any at Wrestlemania this year.

    Not Usos vs. Gabriel and Primo. This is Primo’s 2nd tour with WWE.
    Not Kane v. Orton. They’re both established stars.
    Not Big Show v. Cody Rhodes. Same reason.
    Certainly not HHH v. Undertaker.
    Team Johnny v. Team Teddy? The established Team Johnny got the win over the soon to be future endeavored Team Teddy.
    The Diva’s match? The only new face in it wasn’t a wrestler.
    Jericho v. Punk. The exception to the rule.
    Rock v. Cena. Both established stars.

  • Bawb

    Dilma Rousseff–we comin’ for you, nigga!

  • JayHawk

    I would like to see some new faces on raw and smackdown I have seen very little of fcw but they do have so good wrestlers but I just hope they don’t bury them. Don’t put them there to get buried by cena or orton or any other big name star on the roster. If u can bring some other stars in to build a tag team division or a new stable would be great and fresh put tyson kid Justin gaberial and and Richie steamboat together. Something and move some of the big stars to other brands like cena let him go to smackdown and brock to give them new feuds for us to watch.

  • CC

    Yeah, I am hoping its out with the old as well. The old in this case being the old shit thats on NXT like her.

  • Best In The World

    im hoping they do a Booker T vs Miz feud i think that would be good for miz and take out a Legend

  • Jon

    I think that why at WM we had a end of a era match. Maybe that match mean that it was passing the torch.

  • shawn

    out with the old, in with the new she says. lol. thats sypathetic. anyways i hope Kahli goes. and i think Bourne, Reks, Hawkins and other low-carders like Tatsu.