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McCool Comments on Trish Stratus, Divas Advertised for the PPV, More

– For what it’s worth, WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view was booked to go off the air at 10:50 last night. They ended up going off the air around 10:55.

– Michelle McCool commented on Trish Stratus with the following message on Twitter this afternoon: “Woke up a bit sore this morning……still in a little shock! Nobody treats LayCool that way!! Hmm….what’s a gal to do?!? we shall see!”

– Several readers sent word that DirecTV was advertising Maryse vs. Gail Kim for last night’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, which appears to just be an error. Maryse and Gail teamed at the 2010 Elimination Chamber to take on LayCool so maybe someone got mixed up when writing the preview.

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  • oxslangshoot

    trish and michelle would be like the mcmg vs the oddites
    or shawn michaels vs gregory helms, total stinker


    keylo is a BUM!!!!!!!! i hope u get robbed pu$$Y

  • keylo

    Hey CC u dumb mother fucker point out where in my post I said they were not happily married u tool ? I wont say nobody will say anything bad about her because of Taker,but what I will say is just cause you havent heard anything public does not mean it has not happen meaning she has use the power Taker has with in WWE.And facts prove it as well as how many times has she had the title and even still keeping it while injury at one stage a few yrs back.

  • Trixie

    I wonder why they went 5 minutes late

  • CC

    Grow up you idiot.
    How the fuck is she a whore? Who are you to say that her and Taker are anything but happily married?
    It still amazes me with so called wrestling fans like you who think that what a person does on a tv show reflects in anyway on what they are like in real life.
    Regardless of what people think about McCool in the ring, I cant say there has ever been that much negative reporting on her behind the scenes or in public.
    And before you say that nobody will say anything bad about her because of Taker, well thats never stopped people talking about people close to Vince has it.

  • keylo

    Nobody treats LayCool that way!! Hmm….what’s a gal to do?!? we shall see!”
    Really as both beth and the hart girl have being doing it for months, what to do, go shag ur hubby and get him onto Vince to make sure it dont happen again as thats how u normally do things u silly whore.