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McIntyre Storyline Update, Jericho Gets a Pizza, Animal Talks Punk-Laurinaitis

– D-Jay’s Pizza in Winnipeg has released “The Jericho” pizza in honor of WWE Superstar Chris Jericho. The pizza has pepperoni and beef on it – Jericho’s favorite.

– The current storyline with Drew McIntyre is that Teddy Long may fire him after losing another match on this week’s Sin City SmackDown. McIntyre lost to Santino Marella in a Blindfold Match. WWE’s website has a new video up with McIntyre where he says he doesn’t know how he will save his job before threatening the reporter.

– WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal recently spoke with WWE’s website about his brother John Laurinaitis and the current feud with WWE Champion CM Punk. Animal said Punk is living out the dream that Laurinaitis wanted and had the following to say about a potential battle between the two:

“I think Punk would tear him apart. I’m not saying that John can’t handle himself, because he can. He was a world champion over in Japan, and he knows what it takes to get there. But once you spend five, six years in the front office, you’re bound to get soft, and you can’t expect to compete with a thoroughbred like Punk.”

  • Houndy

    And Jericho………………

  • CC

    As for McIntyre, we have seen this angle so many times. Losing like this and emphasising it usually ends up with a push of some sort.

    It happened not long ago with Sheamus dont forget.

  • CC

    @Poko. You think they will take the title off Punk eventually?
    Shit, and there was me thinking he was gonna keep it forever.

  • KpNuttzLol

    It’s possible that McIntyre could actually win the rumble now. That way it could be turned into an angle where he has to be kept. Although jobbing too Santino puts that theory to rest.

    It’s too repetitive of MVP or Colin Delaney storylines. He’ll end up beating somebody like Hornswoggle in the end -.-

  • John

    I thought HHH liked McIntyre. What happened? Did he hit on Stephanie or something? Lol

  • kamala’s foot

    I am expecting Punk to drop the title soon. WWE will blame him for the ratings going down. The ratings these last two weeks have being dropping as fast as the left side of JR’s face.

  • shawn

    reptilenosex, thats very arrogant. that was his own opinion, you should be bashed for yours.

  • poko

    I think they’ll take the belt off Punk eventually, as he doesn’t seem to be as popular as they hoped, but it would surprise me if it were given to Ziggler so early. Punk will be more popular as an underdog, after he’s been “screwed” out of the title.

  • venom

    So when Jericho and Punk have their match at Mania, they can use the pizzas named after them as a weapon. lol.

  • kennedyniles

    Dolph Ziggler > CM Punk

  • xMaskedReptilex

    Francisco is a name in spanish, that explains his little-brained opinion…

  • shawn

    (smacks lips) YEAH! YEAYEAYEA! YEAYEAYEA!

  • Bill

    Of course Drew’s storyline won’t go anywhere. He’s jobbing to Santino! SANTINO!

  • Francisco

    Cm punk sucks!!!! i hope dolph wins the title at the RR he is a WAY better wrestler than punk and he does it while showing off 😀