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McMahon Trends After Controversial Fight, CM Punk Responds to AJ’s Tweet for RAW

– Vince McMahon was trending on Twitter Saturday night after the controversial Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley boxing match. Fans brought up how the judges decision made it fixed like pro wrestling and that’s where Vince’s name came up.

There was talk in WWE this weekend about bringing up Vince trending when he returns on RAW tonight.

– WWE Diva AJ Lee wrote the following on Twitter about tonight’s RAW Supershow:

“Excited for Raw. I know you all have so many questions. And my answer to them is this… In the end, everyone gets what they deserve.”

CM Punk replied:

“sweet, so I’m getting a puppy and a six month vacation? You’re so sweet. OR ARE YOU?! ‪#crazychicks”

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  • shorty

    aj is more like a nut job her character that is no wonder no one on wwe tv will give her the time of day they will just run away

  • shorty

    aj needs professional help her story line character that is

  • WrestlingTrunks

    There’s a part of me that wishes she was around in the Attitude era. Imagine her competing in a Bra & Panties Match or a Bikini match? Holy moses!

  • mabry

    Theres something in AJ that i really like… i dont know what it is but shes got something that not every chick has… and ive felt this before the crazy chick character…. mabe its that she looks so frikin adorable!!!…

  • Pig

    I’d rip her so bad she’d havea third choice for when going to the bathroom.

  • hogans irrelevant daughter

    yes, yes we do, hand me that crazy bitch so I could knock the crazy out of her, if only for about 30 minutes, or 2, whick ever comes first

  • Maxwell

    is it just me or do all the guys on this site wanna fuck her so bad

  • Sam Peters

    Love CM Punk’s response to that lol