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An article was posted Sunday on BleacherReport.com in defense of recently released WWE Diva Melina regarding her history of rumored backstage indiscretions. The author of the article feels people shouldn’t scrutinize the former Women’s Champion so harshly since she’s only human. The author adds further that many of disparaging things written about her online are merely rumors.

Melina wrote in response, “It’s the price of being in the public eye I guess. But I still wish it would stop. It’s refreshing to see people realize that things don’t add up. They don’t because it’s not true. I just want to be able to live a happy life. Have others around me be happy as well.”

“There are always going to be bad things happening. Bullies, rumors and heaven forbid, tragedies but now I can’t be blamed for others… At least not for pushes and stuff. At least there shouldn’t be. I just want a good and happy life with the one I love. That’s all I ever wanted. I still pray for the happily ever after. Always will. I may not get handed the most simple & perfect cards in life but I’ll keep on going… I know it will get better. If only life was as perfect & clean cut like the movies.”

Melina, meanwhile, continues to travel with John Morrison. She was near the venue of tonight’s Raw in San Diego, California and indicated on Twitter that she hung out with a fan before the event.

  • venom


    You’re right! The loser is Melina.

  • Jason

    melina is a good wrestler,Who cares IF she had sex with batista and knox.Do any of us know for sure,look who is saying it batista and knox do you realy put stock into anything they say.IF it is true who are you to judge,she is making money doing what she loves while you just sit at the computer judgeing her.Who is the loser in all of this…….


    Really? The girls got talent? She can do the splits big fuckin deal that doesnt make you a good wrestler. PERIOD!

  • evilangel

    The girl’s got talent period.

  • venom

    Melina probably gave that fan an STD. These rumors is why she was kept off tv and got released and is not allowed backstage. Are these rumors or facts? I always liked Morrison but his career his going to end sooner than later.

  • Valo487

    Wow. You two sure showed me. And I don’t give a damn who she did what with, but it does have something to do with it when she’s acting like the world is out to get her and she’s been picked on. The lack of respect she shows to Morrison when he obviously cares enough about her to allow it to negatively impact his career speaks volumes about her character.

  • kirby4321

    @marcum Thank You Im tired of all this bullshyt just because she slept with them its fking retarded if john morrisn doesnt have a problem with it why should we!!!
    It’s her freaken life let her do what ever she wants with it.
    Love her for her ring in skills.
    dont hate her because of personal problems they dont concern you guys so stfu and monve on like john morrison has god nobodys fken perfect and who gives a shyt!

  • marcum


    Why do people keep throwing that at her. so what she slept with batista and mike knocks. how does that affect you guys? John Morrison was the that decided to stay with her so
    get over it. She shouldn’t be judged because she made a few mistakes. The thing with trish should just be dropped any way gosh. So what if she didn’t like the fact that a FORMER diva had a wrestlemania match while all of tthe other divas were left out of the show. I am a big trish stratus fan and did love her being in wrestle mania, but i still understand why she was upset and don’t hate her for it.

  • Valo487

    But she did sleep with Batista while she was with Morrison. Her credibility just died.

  • Greatness

    Yes Melina is hot, Yes Melina is a good wrestler and yes Melina needs to stfu.

  • John Cheesa

    I can’t be blamed for wanting Melina to just shut up and go away!

  • CiB

    @ UWHAT

    Which in this era of (WWE) womens wrestling is a bit like praising the nicest smelling turd. From what I’ve heard, the realy bonus from this is other people can no longer be blamed for Melina.


    sucks melina got released one of the best of this era

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Not entirely, some of that can be blamed for Morrison not having a spine and doing what his superior says.

  • Jimbo

    So things like bitching about Trish Stratus “taking a spot” at WM? She can’t be blamed for that? Like telling Morrison to blow off Trish? Derpidy derp.

  • daniel

    i have heard rumors that melina is what we in australia call a shit stirrer i dont know i wasnt there

  • Henry Langford

    She probably slept with the fan.

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