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Melina Denies Report That She Tried To Invade Last Week’s Raw

Former WWE Diva Melina has denied an online report claiming that she was planning to involve herself in last week’s Divas Tag Team Match on Raw.

She responded on Twitter, “Ha ha! If I was going to fly ANYWHERE I’d fly to Hawaii and have fun or Vegas. Monday I was tweeting you guys and watching the Sheen Roast.

“It’s funny that rumors are still active even when out of the WWE. It’s outrageous and can be hurtful but I’m still on people’s minds.”

The report alleged that Natalya received a text message from Melina—who had a ticket to the Cleveland show—asking, “If I jump KK (Kelly Kelly), you will play ball right?”

The report adds: “Natalya presumed this was a joke, but showed it to the Divas’ liaison who after alerting WWE security then asked her to ring Melina to find out exactly what she had planned. The conversation, which Natalya put on loud-speaker with several members of the lockeroom present included a rambling and possibly under the influence Melina suggesting that attacking Kelly live on Raw would get her a job back as a Diva as “Vince loves reality angles.”

The report then claims that Melina was spotted in line for the show with a ticket, but was turned away at the door.

  • Wateva

    Wow all u guys are a so stupid that u guys belive everything on here natalya even said that she never got a text from melina saying that btw she does have a job and i bet she has a lot more money then all u idiots combined..

  • venom

    Melina denies the reports. She was really flying to Vegas with Knox, Batista, and Morrison. They pimped her and made no money.

  • ironcross

    She is unemployed, she couldn’t afford to fly anywhere, she would fly anywhere morrison was going, she can deny it all she wants, its something the retard would do

  • Too bad that melina was so underrated by the wwe along with beth and natalya and they are still pushing as their womens champion a stupid blonde who im shue may be bangin vince or laurinatis

  • Freakzilla

    So only people who comment on wrestling boards opinions count)? Not the wrestlers themselves? That makes no sense at all. Melina is still a ho though

  • Camille

    Lol she denies rumors about herself and you guys attack her. Classic stupidity.

  • rob

    that goes for you too gail kim.. ranting like your opinion counts..

  • rob

    see what CM Punk started? your release isn’t an invitation to rant and stalk the wwe in hopes to get a push

  • mark

    who really gives a fuck


    Melina give it up already!

  • me

    Melina can sit on my dick but that’s as far as me caring about her goes.