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Can You Name Every Member Of The nWo?, Tammy Sytch’s Latest Wild Act, More

– In celebration of the sixteenth anniversary of the nWo this weekend, has put a game asking you to name the twenty-three individuals who made up the original incarnation of the rebel group within a span of three minutes. Japanese wrestlers and celebrities weren’t included as answers.

– WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch committed her latest outrageous act Saturday night at an independent wrestling show in Long Island, New York as she purposely had her undergarment removed during a match. She stated on Facebook, “If you haven’t already heard, last night at FTW in Long Island, Damien Darling removed my thong in the ring mid-match…It waas HOTTTTTTTT! To book us in August, contact me at!! Thanks! We always put on the best show of the night ;).”

Sytch then revealed she disrobed to gain attention online. “How long b4 the dirt sheets pick THIS ONE up? that’s why it was done, hehe,” she commented below the initial post.

– Former WWE Superstar Charlie Haas will be hosting a wrestling clinic on August 11, 2012 at the XCW Institute in Denton, Texas. The cost is $40. Additional information is available here.

  • Dave

    I’m agreeing with AWN.
    If there isn’t any photographic proof, then it never happened.
    Photos please!


    Wrestling Edge try to get pics of that incident ok? i’m a perv idgaf

  • Bill

    Everybody in WCW but their actual good technical wrestlers.

  • chris benoit

    i would do the game but wwe .com is so urepsonve a snail is faster

  • voice of reason

    elmo as bischoff, greased up deaf guy as hogan, shrek as the giant, spiderman as hall & big dick johnson as nash.

  • Logan

    Does the Wolfpack (red nWo) count?

  • scooter
    Footage of the sunny incident I love how the guy in the front row is so desperate for sunnys thong clearly he aint getting laid this year.

  • No Name Required

    Big dick Johnson was the leader.

  • killer bee

    @ sym the greatest version of the nwo

  • SYM

    Spider-man, The Joker, Emo Shrek, Chris Beniot, Billy Fuco, Bob Backlund, Big Dick Johnson, Samurai Jack, Michael Tarver, Mini Book, Lil Jimmy, Hungry Hungry Hippo’s (all 4 of them), Braden Walker, “Real Mans Man” Stephen Regal, Zema Ion, The I hate Cena Guy, Greased Up Deaf Guy, Bob Ross, kamala’s leg, and Poko.

  • Gorilla

    Hey Yo!….we gonna take a little survey..who came hear to see WCW? (CROWD BOO’S)…or or who came hear to see (CROWD CHANTS N-W-O)……..

    Well nWo was and will always be one of the if not biggest storylines in wrestling, my personel favorite nWo Wolf Pac yeah the red & black It was so big back then i was in middle school i remember the wolfpac colors being worn like a 2 pac shirt or Chicago Bulls Jersey you know everybody throwing up the hands signs i remember teachers arguing over what happen monday night or the local news showing clips of nWo it t was a great time the buissness is no where near that anymore and for all the “haters” saying kevin nash used his power to be champ and end Bills streak go back and watch match nash was over and i for one thought it was great I loved it and for all who say nWo held talent down please guys like jericho who made it in wwe sucked in wcw and im not talking in ring wise im talking they where punks cry babies and never once did i or anyone i knew disscuss a cruiserweight or a storyline they had so whoever says cruiserweights helped wcw beat wwe well when i knew a match was next i switched over and no i aint disrespecting them its just they where not nothing interesting if i wanted see lucha libre id switch channels to univision and watched AAA ….anyway when your red and black your red and black forever

  • Unique

    I can use google too!

  • Ahmed Johnson

    Scott Norton, Vincent (Virgil), billionare Ted, Stevie Ray, Sting, Lex Luger, Brett Hart.

  • killer bee

    Hollywood Hogan (leader), Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ted DiBiase (left), The Giant (kicked out of the group), nWo Sting, Syxx (fired), Vincent, Nick Patrick (kicked out of the group), Miss Elizabeth, Eric Bischoff, Buff Bagwell, V.K. Wallstreet (left), Masahiro Chono, Big Bubba Rogers (left), Scott Norton, Randy Savage, Dennis Rodman, The Great Muta, Konnan, Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Dusty Rhodes, Scott Steiner, Brian Adams
    Thank you wiki