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Michael Cole Interviews Kane, Negative Reviews for Aksana On Tour, Vickie Comments on Eddie

– With The Authority on “vacation” this week, Michael Cole interviewed Kane about what happened on RAW:

– Vickie Guerrero also tweeted on Eddie Guerrero today, 8 years after his tragic death:

“I love you Eddie! Always and Forever!”

– Just about every match with Aksana on the current WWE European tour has received negative reviews. For the first leg of the tour she worked against Natalya and is now working against Alicia Fox.

  • xXx

    alicia fox is a good wrestler too, watch her matches with Paige. and don’t forget Paige.

  • Arsenal

    Haha, Kanes awesome

  • millerj265

    That he does, and that was one of them. I wish I had faith in wwe to utilize Kanes abilities in this area better, because I feel with the proper amount of time and thought put into this storyline it could be really good, but Kane isn’t in wwes top 5 or 6 main eventers category so im sure this storyline wont get the proper thought or development it will need in order to be what it could.

  • Fandango’s Stylist

    exactly, that is what is wrong with the divas division. I have to pick mediocre wrestlers to be realistic. Alot of the recently departed TNA knockouts and former “Divas” and Indy female wrestlers could fill the roster up including some NXT talent like Paige. but I think WWE don’t cares about women’s wrestling anymore.

  • JAckh45

    Kane always amazing at delivering promos.

  • Honestly Layla can’t really wrestle all that well, and neither can Kaitlyn.

  • Fandango’s Stylist

    simple solution-bring in women who can wrestle. There is plenty of good ones out there, I wouldn’t have to press fast forward as often. There is only AJ Lee, Kaitlyn(at a push), Layla & Natalya worth keeping.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Aksana can’t wrestle…. this is news???