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Michael Cole To Explain His Actions On RAW, Early Show Preview

– During Tuesday’s NXT episode, WWE advertised the following items for Monday’s episode of RAW:

* Michael Cole explaining his actions after seemingly costing Jerry “The King” Lawler the WWE Title during his TLC match vs. The Miz

Note: NXT opened with Cole selling concern over his actions this past Monday. He said he would “discuss the matter with Lawler in private” and explain his actions on RAW.

* Sheamus beginning his “royal reign” after becoming the WWE King of the Ring.

* Also advertised was a follow up to the John Cena “fired” angle with the tagline, “What will Cena do Next?”

  • jim

    cole sucked as a face announcer now he sucks as a heel announcer…btw no need for him to explain his actions i mean he rides the miz sack left and right on the gee wiz i wonder why he helped the miz..that is so stupid.

  • keylo

    I thought stone cold walked out in 03 due to the direction they were going ?

  • Andrew

    Send him to NXT !!!!

  • Rob

    Cena is “fired”, right? All I’m saying is that if sum1 who wwe fired, Kurt Angle for example, showed up on there tv show and started attacking wrestlers, they would be arrested! WWE dropped the ball on this storyline, shoot when Austin got “fired” he stopped appearing on TV till he was re-hired.

  • Zach

    One thing I would like to add about NXT: AJ is still hot and Primo is the luckiest man on the planet especially if he followed up on the kiss later that evening.

  • Xcaliber

    Cause Cole is the biggest piece of sh1t on the planet
    Worst announcer ever shouldn’t play a heel