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Michael Hayes Returns to Work, Who Wrestled as Sin Cara on RAW Tonight?

– WWE creative head Michael Hayes, who was given time off back in October for personal reasons according to a WWE spokesperson, returned to work at tonight’s WWE RAW from Oklahoma City.

– As seen on tonight’s WWE RAW from Oklahoma City, Sin Cara returned to action and got a clean win over Alberto Del Rio. Cara looked to have put on some weight and looked to be sporting a new tattoo.

That’s because it was Hunico, who previously wrestled under the Sin Cara mask, acting as Cara on tonight’s RAW. Here is a photo of Hunico’s tattoo, the same tattoo we saw on Cara tonight:

Hunico tattoo

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  • millerj265

    I don’t think they care at all if we know its not sin cara in all honesty.

  • d_pooch

    I can only assume the old Sin Cara will not be back.

    How do you explain why Kane looks and sounds normal now? Same amount of stupidity.

  • Chris E.

    He got the win over Del Rio (actually, that is what brought me over to see who it was)!?! I think we are looking at the new permanent Sin Cara.


    Id love to see mysterio face cara at wrestlemania

  • JohnCena33

    WWE is just so smart, how are they going to explain that Sin Cara (Hunico) has a tattoo when the real Sin Cara does not.